Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Few Parchment Craft Mandala Patterns

Hi everyone,

For those of you who many not necessarily like the two mandala patterns I have provided here on the blog.....or in the gallery....I am sharing a few of my favorites from my personal collection here on this page.  I always print a mandala pattern out to the largest it will fit on standard printer paper with about one half inch of margin all around.  This size will allow the mandala to fit comfortably on a sheet of parchment paper for tracing and still allow enough room around the two long edges of the parchment paper for perforating and cutting.

Help yourselves to whatever you would like to add to your own mandala collection.  Simply right click and follow your own pc instructions as to how to save.  Don't forget....I love to see the work any of you produce from the patterns that are shared on my blog so photo/or scan what you create and send it on....and I'll post it with your permission ;)) 

Happy Parching,


  1. Thank you so much for these sweetie pie, they´re just awesome, and can be used for so many great things and in many different ways.
    Have a wonderful day hun.
    Biiiiig warm hugs

  2. Hi Vickie, Thank you for the additional Mandalas, I will add them to my collection. I also like the new background you have on your blog.Hugs,

  3. You're welcome, Martha!! lol, don't get too used to the blog background, my'll change often :)) Gotta keep everybody on their toes somehow!!!

  4. Wow, those are gorgeous Vickie! Will come back later to "borrow" a few. Thanks so much! Love your gorgeous background . . very classy! {{{hugs}}}

  5. Wow! Thank you Vickie I would not know which one to do first, but I adore the sheep one so think that will be the one.
    PS I never thought to say but you can do whatever you want with the coffee pot.

  6. Vickie thanks for the mandela'a they are great

  7. Muchas gracias amiga!!!! me encanto verte en mi humilde casita.Y gracias por tu generosidad son preciosos todos ,no se cual elejir ,pero cuando el tiempo me lo permita ,ya te digo por cual me decido. Me encantan tus trabajos. Un abrazo.

  8. Hi Dolores,

    You are most welcome for the mandalas!! Enjoy!!!

    Thanks very much for your kind comment on my work and I look forward to having you come visit again xxx

  9. Vickie,
    Thank you very much for your comment on my blog ! I'am so happy of your visit and glad too ! Kisses from France :D - Catherine

  10. Hi Catherine,

    You're most welcome!! I love to come visit your blog as often as I can and I always enjoy seeing what you have created.

    Hugs and happy parching!!

  11. hi Vicky
    i was sooo inspired by these mandela designs that i have designed one myself. I worked up the sample and submitted it to the parchment craft magazine. It should be in the april issue. I have to admit i also stole your idea of looking at lace patterns for inspirations - i am amazed at how many designs will translate into parchment. I jsu wanted to say thanks for the inspiration you are to so many of us.

    sending you hugs from south yorkshire

  12. Hi paperlace,

    WOW!! Congratulations on designing your own mandala and submitting it to the PC Mag!!!!! We all get our inspiration for designs from anything, and everything, we see wherever we look so you have learned a very valuable designing lesson :)) Wishing you much continued success!!

    Thanks so very much for your kind words and it makes my heart sing to know I can contribute to the inspiration of others. xxx

  13. Hello Vickie. I just discovered parchment craft after visiting a local craft material supply store and to learn it I was browsing the net. Your blog is a treasure trove of information.
    A big thank you.
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V
    ENT Surgeon and Avid Crafter

  14. Hi Sonia,

    Thanks very much for stopping by and thanks so much for your kind comment!! Come by often so you don't miss the fun we have around here!! :)) Best wishes on your new journey into the awesome world of parchment craft!! I hope to see some of your work one day.

  15. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing all your work. I cannot wait to have a go.

  16. Hi Maggie,

    Always my pleasure to share and you're most welcome!! Don't forget there is a Guest Gallery here so whenever you have a go at something, send it on and I'll put it along side the other work there :))


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