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Friday, April 8, 2011

Parchment Craft Magazine - White Work Special Edition 2011

I'm very excited to share some wonderful news with everyone.  One of my designs is featured in the  White Work Special Edition 2011 of Parchment Craft Magazine!!!!!!!!  


To obtain the pattern and instructions please  click here to purchase the magazine, which was published on March 30, 2011.  My design is a wall decoration (to be framed) and will challenge your embossing, perforating and cutting abilities and I hope you'll give it a try.  Now, there are 23 other totally awesome, white work designs in the magazine that will knock your socks off, so please order your copy and see for yourself!!!

I've been a bit under the weather and my apologies for not getting this terrific news posted sooner :((   Let's get the party started!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Parching,

Friday, October 22, 2010

A small milestone....some interesting info....some photos!!!

Hi everyone,

Well let's see.....first I have reached another small milestone here on my blog and I want to share it with all of you AND I thank each and every one for helping me achieve it!!  I am now over 20,000 blog hits BUT it's been difficult to gather them up recently because a rather unsavory web site has been helping themselves to content from right here on my blog and when they do that they are also stealing the counts for the visitors who come here.  I've filed all the appropriate legal copyright infringement documents and now it's a matter of hurry up and wait to see what will happen to the 'unsavory' site that steals the work of others.

A dear, fellow blogger is also going through the same unfortunate experience and recently posted an article, on her blog, titled "Copyright and Parching" which is  a very informative and an  excellent read, so please go on over and become informed on this very controversial issue.  

While doing a bit of computer 'housecleaning' today I got a bit carried away and felt it was time to change the background here on the blog too, so although the change isn't all that drastic, it is a bit different in that it reflects the season we are now coming into and the cold months the part of the world I live in, that is!!!  

And finally, for this time, I'm sharing a variety of photos of some of my recent work and I hope you enjoy.  

 These two projects are actually bobbin lace patterns that I've converted to parchment craft.  It's quite fun to challenge yourself occasionally and see what other crafts will adapt to parchment craft/pergamano.  

If anyone would like to give this a try just do a search for 'bobbin lace' and you will find a lot of beautiful, and interesting, sites that will inspire you to the challenge!!  

Here I have made one of the kimonos in Kannikar Sukseree's newest pattern pack and I have mounted it in two completely different ways.  We often mount and frame our work in a way that 'we' like it to be in, however, if you play around with your work and lay it on backing papers and surround it with different frames you can see first hand how totally different the same piece of work will look in another environment!! 

Now, this kimono has the same foundation as the two above, however, this one is made using MY technique of printing on parchment!!  Converting a pure parchment project into one of my own techniques is always a challenge but when I see something that presents itself as the perfect environment for printing on parchment I just 'have' to give it a  BTW, my kimonos are a full sheet of parchment paper, in size.

It was time for me to add some new items to my stash of parchment for men and here are the two new cards I have added to that collection!!  You will notice the grid border on the majority of my "men" cards is the's very difficult to make parchment cards for men without them appearing to be a wee bit on the feminine side so my options for grid borders are most often extremely limited.  To date though, every parchment card I have made to fulfill a special commission has been appreciated very much by the male recipient :)) 

I would like to remind everyone that my book is currently at a 25%  discount and is the perfect Christmas gift for the parchers who already have everything else!!.....or, for the parchers who love the challenge of learning some new techniques.  Just click on the previous post and you'll be taken directly to the purchase page.....and thanks!

One more note.....Please come by my web site and take advantage of some very special discounts that will be in effect the whole month of November!!  The price changes have been made but will not appear until November 1st thru November 31, 2010 so come on by and make a list of what you might like to purchase when the holiday sale begins :))

Hugs to all,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Christmas In July.......Continued!!

Hi all,

Ah yes, I'm still making Christmas cards and have had many comments, and inquiries, on this particular one!!  I have made several more cards similar to it

 but this one, so far anyway, seems to be the favorite.  I will be making more over the next few days so we'll see if this will remain on top.  At the bottom of this post I will upload two others with different trees.

Now, I'll get to the point at hand!!  I've had so many requests for the Christmas tree image I've used on this card (and the others as well) that I am sharing the tree image only with everyone!!!  

My images is printed direct to parchment and that is the only step in my work that is not 'pure/traditional' parchment craft.  If you choose to also print the image to parchment you will need to further photo edit it to your own liking (as I have done using Paint Shop Pro 8)....any version thereafter will work as well.....and my book Parchment Craft Etched Glass Technique will take you step by step through that process.

This is the image in it's raw form.   To download:  simply click on the image to enlarge it....then right click and save as.  If you have never printed direct to parchment, that's can enlarge the image to the size you wish to use, print it off, and simply trace the Christmas tree just as you would in 'pure/traditional' parchment craft and complete your card according to your own preferences.

For anyone with a question (or answer, if you have one!!) there is a box "Get Answers" off to the right, on the blog sidebar, for your benefit.  Please don't hesitate to use it!!  Let's get a parchy conversation going, folks :)) 

As promised, here are two of the other Christmas tree cards with different trees.  I have a few more to make so stay tuned to see all the different trees!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Link!!

Hi all...

The relocation of all my parchment craft stores is now complete!!  WHOOHOO :))  Click below and it will take you to my web site where all three stores will now be located so be sure and bookmark the site for future parchment craft patterns, cards and gift needs.  This blog will remain as always.....only the stores have been moved for easier navigation and shopping.

Hope to see you there soon.   Papercrazy's Place

Thursday, April 1, 2010


WHOOHOO!!!!!  The Traditional Store and the "Etched Glass" Store are now open for business and it's time to celebrate :)) 

Please take a walk over to the store and look around.  The inventory will change frequently with items being sold and new ones going in so check back often.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

More of my work....

Well, here it is a new day!!!!!  For those of you
that would like to see more of my work please click  here.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to send them along in the 'comments' area and I'll do my best to answer promptly :))

Make it a great day everyone!!!!