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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Another New Works

Hello everyone,

WOW!!!  I'm very excited to be adding another new entry to the Guest Gallery!!  Just click on that tab at the top of this page and you can also enjoy the wonderful work of Jinny Castor (USA).  She is sharing her PergaZen Challenge piece and she has titled it "July 4, 2013" in celebration of our Independence Day.

Beautiful work, Jinny!!

Happy Parching,

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guest Gallery

Surprise!!!!!  Yes, I'm here once again today, so it's truly a  I have added a new, beautiful works to the Guest Gallery and I'd love to have everyone stop by and see it.  Just click on the tab at the top of this page to go to the gallery.  Sylwia Ceislak, from Poland, created her own interpretation to an old blog challenge and it's quite lovely.  

There is no comments box on the Guest Gallery page, but everyone is very welcome to leave a comment, for Sylwia, on this post if you'd like to.  Enjoy!!

Happy Parching,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Back....and I bring a challenge!!

Hello...hello...hello!!!!!  I know, I have been away far too long (had...and still have...a few new, serious health issues to deal with) and I promised at the beginning of 2012 there would be some new things to play with so although I'm a wee bit behind, I'll be writing again and sharing my journey through the wonderful world of parchment craft!!!

I had a lot of things "in the fire", so to speak, and they all need finishing up, so I can share them with all of you.  In the meantime, here is a little project to keep you busy :))  

Springtime Flowers Fan  

Today is the first day of Spring, so what better project than some spring flowers popping their little heads above ground!!  The inspiration for this fan came from bobbin lace, which I dearly love.  Below is a detailed view of my work.

Fan Detail  

CHALLENGE!!  WHO IS UP FOR A CHALLENGE?????   Awwwwww, come on now, I said up at the beginning that this would be a little something to keep you busy!!!!  lol

Springtime Flowers Fan Pattern
Okie dokie, here we go!!!  I LOVE CHALLENGES!!! :))  Everyone can see I chose white work as the technique for my fan.  My fan is also a full A4 size wall decoration.  The CHALLENGE is:  Download the FREE fan pattern and do whatever your heart desires from it.  When complete, either send a photo/scan back here, to me, OR some of you may find it easier to post to Facebook and I will download it from there and share it with all my wonderful blog followers right here in the Guest Gallery!!!  

Now, my challenges are not a competition so there is nothing to win.  It's simply a chance to take a break from 'other' things and take part in a self challenge using a pattern with absolutely no instructions!!!!!

Enjoy and have some fun....

Happy Parching,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some "MAN" cards!!

It won't be long now and we will be totally engrossed in what to make for Father's Day!!  Where does the time go.....winter is finally over and here we are talking about June already.  In this post I'm simply going to share, with you, some of the parchment "MAN" cards I have made....oh, and I might just issue another challenge too, so read on to see what "might" be in store!!  It's actually quite difficult to make anything for MEN in parchment....after all, the craft tends to be extremely feminine, delicate, lacy, etc....just exactly what we ladies love!!!   

Now, as you can see, we have to be very careful NOT to make parchment MAN cards frilly!!!!  The bottom left card looks like it might be close to "frilly", but the image used on this card offsets the dangerously close to "frilly" look of the grid border!!  On three of these cards I have made the same grid border.....and I must admit, this is the grid border I use on the majority of my MAN cards/projects.  On the other two cards, the image also offsets the grid border.  So you see, parchment craft can indeed produce wonderful cards for the gentlemen in our lives.....they key is to keep them simple and to the frills!!!

Well now, here is the challenge I present to you with this post.  There is still plenty of time to make your card for the holiday, so, using parchment paper and whatever parchment technique you choose, make a MAN card.  It does not have to be for Father's Day (but can be!!) and it does not have to be for anyone particularly special.....simply make a MAN card and keep it as masculine as possible :))  When it is complete, please send it on to me and I will be very happy to add it to the "Guest Gallery" right here on my blog.  Please don't think your work may not be 'good enough' to share with others right most certainly IS, so put together this challenge.....send a photo/scan of your project and we will all enjoy and appreciate it together!!!!

Happy Parching,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mandala Conversion to Parchment Craft

Hi everyone,

I had mentioned in my previous post there are many, many other crafts, such as all the different thread lace patterns, we can research and convert to parchment craft and this post will provide another medium from which designs can be converted to parchment with a wee bit of imagination, patience and an imaginative eye!!!  This time we will be making PARCHMENT MANDALAS.  I will be making many more parchment mandalas this year along with many more lace conversion projects.....PLUS, there will be more "ideas and inspiration" on things that can be done with my own  parchment craft techniques such as "Etched Glass" and printing direct to parchment. 

Below is an OWL MANDALA design I have just completed in parchment craft/pergamano and there are lots and lots of FREE (and royalty free) mandala patterns on the web....all that's required to have them is the time and patience to search for them and download them for future use :))

Mandala Converted to Parchment Craft  
My OWL MANDALA is 8" X 8" and I have to admit....IT WAS DEFINITELY A CHALLENGE!!!!   I love a challenge and am always searching for something different in my craft.....and I'm well known for "stepping out of the box" (as we say here in America!!) frequently, but this design requires some serious mental attention (without disruptions while perforating and cutting) so I'm now passing along the challenge to any parchers out there who would like to take on this project!!! 

Above is the pattern for the OWL MANDALA.  To download simply right click and 'save image as' to your own local drive.  My challenge to you is to complete a PARCHMENT OWL MANDALA project....then send it to me and I will happily share your work with my readers!!!  It's always fun to see how others interpret a pattern/design.  By this, I mean, let your minds eye take in all there is with the image of the pattern and if you see/imagine something a bit different than what I might see in the pattern, then you should always feel free to interpret any pattern/design the way YOU see it.  Maybe you prefer just having the owl on the mandala with no background design....or maybe you want to make a totally different background design behind the owl.  Use your own imagination and let's see what you come up with!!

Best wishes and good luck to everyone who would like to partake in the challenge.  Coming soon will be a new challenge using another conversion technique to parchment craft so stay tuned :-)
Hugs to all,

Monday, August 23, 2010

Christmas Image Projects From Readers...

Hi everyone,

Pay attention everyone because I want to share all the Christmas image projects  FROM YOU, that will be sent to me as requested in the previous post!!   When you email your photo to me, please be sure to give me your permission to share your project right here with everyone.  Now, as I receive photos in my email I will then add them to this post, so keep an eye here to see what others have made :))  

I am sooooooo excited so let's begin!!  ENJOY.....

Handcrafted By:  Chiara Petro

Handcrafted By:  Raymonde Bernadin


Handcrafted By:  Martha Levesque

Handcrafted By:  Ruth (Sabriel)