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Monday, November 12, 2018

A Little Bit of This and That.....

Hi all,

It has taken me a wee bit to get my "feel" back for parching!!!  Those of you who have lost your mojo for any length of time know exactly what I mean.  That certain way 'you' hold, and use, the parching tools....the order in which we all choose to create our work, and finish it off....the colors that work well with your own personal likes/dislikes, etc., etc., etc.

Well, I have been working with several of the techniques I am comfortable with, as well as the techniques I created (ie: Etched Glass) and I'm beginning to get the hang of things once again.  I honestly do not think we realize just how much we loose/forget in this art form if we step away from it for any length of time!!

Having said all that, I am attaching a few items I have completed recently and want to share and hope you enjoy your visit with me.


I have a few more things in the works, but for now please stop by and say hello.....and enjoy the view!!!!!  :)

Happy Parching,

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Parchment Craft Grid Work - Challenge!!

Hello, hello, hello!!!

Goodness, it seems like it's been forever since my last post, but in fact, it's only been a few weeks!!  Okay, let's get things started.....

Several months ago I purchased Kannikar Sukseree's latest book titled, Best of the Best Parchment Craft Grid Work and although I've not been able to make as many projects as I would like to, I did do something a bit different with one of the grid patterns that I liked, from the book.  The pattern I chose, is on Page 22 and I challenged myself to see how many different variations (aside from the ones already in the book!!) I could make. 

So, I began my self inflicted challenge by making one, of a collection of Vintage Ladies that I have, and for the image, I also incorporated my own parchment craft technique, "Etched Glass", which can be purchased by clicking on the image below. 

Okay, here are my beautiful ladies.....let's see if you can easily see the differences between each of the grid borders I made, from only one foundation pattern from Kanny's book!!!  

My version of Grid 27
Grid 27 - Looks the same but it's not

My version of Grid 27
My version of Grid 27

This was a wonderful challenge, for me, and it was absolutely amazing just how many different borders I could create from just the one grid design!!  There are probably many more variations of the foundation design, but I was ready to move on to a new project, so I only challenged myself to do four.

I've shared my challenge with all of you, and now I would like to challenge anyone, who also purchased Kannikar Sukseree's Grid Work book, to take on the task of choosing one pattern from the book and see how many different ways it can be made.....or just challenge yourself to creating four new grid borders from one foundation pattern!!  

Who is up for the challenge?

Happy Parching...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" Technique

Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!!!  It's been four long months since I was here last and I'm not giving up yet.  :))  There are still lots of health issues to deal with, but I'm learning to adjust my life so that I might continue doing the things I love the most.....and that is parchment craft.

The first thing I'm going to do is gently remind everyone that my Ebook, tutorial, that teaches you how to create my own parchment craft "Etched Glass" technique is still available for purchase and the price is very, very reasonable.  Now, it is only in English, but there are many, many, many photos and visuals, so if you can learn by looking at a picture, then you can learn from my little Ebook!!!  Just click on the book cover....

Here are some photos of projects created using my "Etched Glass" technique.  Look at the image on the project and you will see an embossed  "etching" over the image.  This is what "Etched Glass" is!!  Enjoy!!

Please feel free to contact me should you have questions. Meantime, I'm away to finish composing the next blog post with some things in it everyone will be very familiar with, so we all can get back to having some fun, once again!!

Happy Parching,

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Wee Bit of Parchment Christmas 2011

Goodness, here it is September already!!  I've made several Christmas cards for family and friends and they are tucked away in their hiding place so no one can see them til the time rolls around when they are supposed to be seen, but these  are a few "extras" I've recently made for 'just in case' situations :))  Nothing fancy, mind you....they are "just in case"!!

The first five cards are made using my own technique as explained in my book titled, "Parchment Craft Etched Glass Technique".  You may also click on the cover of the book located on your left in the side bar for more information.  This technique does require the use of either Paint Shop Pro 8 (or any version there after)  OR  Adobe Photo Shop to create the images on the first five cards.

The last card is traditional white work and is a beautiful, abstract flourish, tree decoration also created in the photo editing program I use when I create my ©Parchment Craft Etched Glass Technique.

I'll be making up a few more "just in case" Christmas cards through Sept. in hopes of inspiring all the procrastinators out there to get busy so you're not a total wreck come December!!!

Happy Parching,

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi all,

Here it is!!  For all of you who have been waiting for a wee bit of early holiday savings, my book "Parchment Craft Etched Glass Technique" is featuring a huge 25% off!!  If there's a special parchment crafter on your Christmas list, now is the time to make a purchase and hide it away til the holidays!!

My book is a step by step "classroom" in a book with lots and lots of visuals.  It teaches you how to make your own grid border TEMPLATES from heavy weight VELLUM (not parchment paper)...then it takes you through the process of learning how to print direct to parchment paper and how to place your image exactly where you want it to print...and finally it teaches you how to make "Etched Glass" on parchment to complete your new project.  This EBook is in PDF format and is ready for immediate download when purchased.  Simply save the book to your local hard drive, or an external drive, and you are ready to begin your classes.  You can easily print the book out, if you so choose, and put the printed pages in clear page protectors....then place them in a 1 inch, 3 ring binder for easy reference while you are making your Parchment Craft Etched Glass projects.

Hugs to all,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" Technique

Hi everyone,

I've not been well for the past several weeks and have truly not had the physical or mental determination to create another  "Etched Glass" tutorial as promised, however, I will provide you with the things that are required for this technique.

First, you must learn how to make grid  border templates and you can find that lesson here.

Secondly, a photo editing program such as Paint Shop Pro OR Adobe PhotoShop is required.  I use Paint Shop Pro 8, however, any version thereafter is exactly the same program with lots more bells and whistles, but the foundation program is the same.  Personally, I have never used Adobe PhotoShop but I am told by those who do use it that it's very similar to Paint Shop Pro (PSP).

Thirdly, you must also learn how to print direct to parchment and the lessons for that process can be found here.  These three distinct steps create an "Etched Glass" cannot leave any of the three step out and expect  good results!! 

If you prefer to use the previous tutorials I have provided for the first two steps in the "Etched Glass" process that is fine..... those tutorials can be found right here (Making A Grid Template and Printing On Parchment) by clicking on the 'tutorials' tab, however, to get to the final step of the process....the book is required!!  Included in the book are many links to FREE Paint Shop Pro program accessories that make creating Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" so much fun. 

Here are a few photos of some of the unique things you can create using this  wonderful technique....

Please consider purchasing Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" Technique and you will have a step by step class, with lots of visuals, to guide you not only through the first two steps of this technique but the all important third step which is the actual "Etched Glass" step by step lesson!!

For those who have purchased my book and would like a wee bit of lesson assistance, or for anyone with other inquiries, please feel free to contact me at:  

Hugs to all,


Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Mini Tutorial - Grid Borders

Hi everyone,

I have fallen a bit behind on my blog posting and I apologize to all my readers....and to those who stop by to see what's new, on their way to somewhere else!!  I've been recovering from some health issues caused by some serious flooding where I live that occurred in mid August and for the past couple of days our area has been bracing for the effects of tropical storm Nicole and that passed through last night and left the area in a mess again!!

Now, throughout these past several weeks I've been working on a condenced update of the "etched glass" part of my book and will be uploading that as soon as I can finish putting it together, but meantime, here is a mini tutorial I made quite awhile ago on how to properly place your VELLUM GRID TEMPLATE around your image printed directly to parchment paper.  **Please click on the "tutorials" tab for a refresher tut on printing on parchment and making grid border templates to work from.**

Now, there is one thing I believe (and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!!!) is being overlooked when working with any of the steps in my Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" Technique.....and that is this:  you absolutely MUST emboss on the back side of your printed image!!  Find the areas on the image you want to further highlight and give texture to.  That is what you would be doing if you were making a totally 'traditional/pure' parchment project.  The ONLY thing different we are doing with my technique is printing the image on a sheet of parchment paper!!!!  Please pretend the image was created by your own preferred 'pure' parchment technique and you will then always know you MUST emboss on the back to make things look just as they do when working on a 'pure' parchment project.  It is NOT acceptable to simply print out the image...then make a grid border around it and call it an "etched glass" project that has been completed properly. 

Okay peeps, this is my 'lecture' for today and I promise I will continue to work on the tutorial I've been promising for awhile now, as I know there are some who are waiting VERY patiently for it :))

Hugs to all,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Cowboy's Day

Hi everyone,

While I was doing other projects today that truly taxed this old brain I squeaked out some time to get started on a series of cards especially for the MEN!!  It is always extremely difficult to find/make anything appropriate for the male gender so I set about going through my collection of parchment images last weekend and I came up with a few to get things going.

This 5" X 7" greeting card is perfect for any man....for any occasion!!  Also, after the reason for giving it to him has passed, why not offer to have it framed (as shown) and he'll have it forever as a one of a kind, very unique keepsake?

The image is printed direct to parchment paper after the "Etched Glass" technique is applied.  The grid work border is then applied......Arie #80....and the final process is the embossing on the back side of the image to further highlight certain areas and to give it the 'texture' traditional parchment craft techniques provide.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding more pieces just for men!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Humming Bird and Apple Blossoms

Hi all,

Well now, my "Parchment Craft Etched Glass Technique" book is published and doing well :)) Now it's time to do some major catching up here and over at Papercrazy's Place.

I must admit it was very refreshing today to get back to my parching table and be creative!!  Today I finished up a project that had been waiting patiently for my return.  It is an "Etched Glass" piece of a tiny hummingbird (bottom right corner) sitting in an apple tree busting with blossoms.  Maybe it's a Mama hummer with a nest somewhere in the tree?

To begin this piece I chose the image from my very large (and ever growing) collection of copyright free/royalty free images and photos.  I then set about choosing one of my premade VELLUM grid templates (another rather large stash!!).  Once the template was chosen I measured the inside dimensions of the image area on the template and marked them down on on a piece of scrap paper for later.  My 'prep' work was now complete.

 Next I set  my image up in PSP8 (any photo editing program works just as well) to make my "Etched Glass" (this process is explained in detail in the book) on the image and then I print to the size I had written down earlier exactly where I wanted it to be on the parchment paper.  When printed I let it thoroughly dry while I set my grid border template up on the correct grid.  The majority of my border patterns are from  Piet and Annie Janssen and Arie v.d. Linden
and they have granted me permission to redesign their patterns to the standard measurements we here in the US make our greeting cards, so you may recognize some of the grid borders I use.....although they are slightly altered from the originals. 

When I have my border TEMPLATE set up on the proper grid, I then lay my parchment paper over the template and maneuver my printed image over the image area, on the template, and secure the template and the printed parchment to the grid.  I then begin the journey of making my border around the image printed on the parchment, directly from the template, beginning with all the perforating first.  When I've completed that step, I remove the parchment paper and the template from the grid.....set the template aside....flip the parchment paper over and realign it to the grid properly and secure it to the grid.  Now I'm ready to emboss but first I place my template (wrong side up) next to my work area and I use the template as my visual working pattern for all the embossing on my border.  The purpose of making grid templates is so you make all your mistakes ON the template and mark them as you go along.  You'll always make a perfect grid border on your parchment project this way.....and you won't end up with a pounding headache from trying to follow a printed pattern!!!

When the embossing is complete, remove the parchment from the grid and continue on with any embossing you need to make, on the back side of the printed image, to further highlight it and to also give the image the 'texture' of traditional parchment craft so it will blend right in with your grid work. When done correctly it's actually a bit difficult to determine if the image was printed or hand painted to the parchment. 

The last thing I always do is replace the parchment paper on the grid (face up) and secure it to the grid.  Then deep perforate in all the perforations made at the beginning of the project.   Remove the parchment paper from the grid and complete with any cutting the pattern requires, then finish in your preferred parchment craft method.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" Technique - Book is NOW AVAILABLE!!

Hi all,

It's finally finished and published!!!!!!!  My great adventure is now available as an Ebook ready for immediate download in PDF format so you can print it out and keep it right by your side while going through the learning curve.  I hope everyone will enjoy the journey.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parchment "Etched Glass" Technique - Beauty In Motion

Hi all,

I've been sort of  "missing in action" the past couple of weeks due to a project I've had to totally focus on, but I've squeaked out some time today and put my mind back where it's the happiest!!!  Hope you enjoy today's project.....

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pastel Beauty

Hi all,

I've been so busy working on my web site stores I haven't taken any time to actually do some parching lately, soooooooo I took some time and here are the results!!!  Another addition to the "Etched Glass" series.  Hope you enjoy :))

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Link!!

Hi all...

The relocation of all my parchment craft stores is now complete!!  WHOOHOO :))  Click below and it will take you to my web site where all three stores will now be located so be sure and bookmark the site for future parchment craft patterns, cards and gift needs.  This blog will remain as always.....only the stores have been moved for easier navigation and shopping.

Hope to see you there soon.   Papercrazy's Place

Friday, May 7, 2010

Egret and Feathers - "Etched Glass" Technique

Hi all,

I'm still busy designing between everything else 'life' has going on....and this is my latest border made especially for the awesome Egret.  I've used this image before in my work but was never really pleased with the border so one more time I went to work and made one, I feel, better suits and balances the whole piece more equally.  This border pattern will also be available soon in the store.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maine Loons

This particular project actually made me a bit homesick as I was making it.  A good part of my family lives in Maine and 'home' for me was New Hampshire.  The sounds of the loons on the lakes could always be heard in the early mornings and late evenings, echoing back and forth across the's truly an unmistakable sound you'll always remember.  These are such beautiful birds to watch as they float along with their baby chicks tucked up under their wings when the journey is a long one.