Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Special Thanks....

Hi everyone,

First, I would like to send out a very special "THANKS" to everyone who has taken the time to welcome me back to the world of Parchment Craft.  I have a little bit of adjusting still to do, but it'll all come together very soon. :) 

I had my first project ready to complete and post but when I got to the very last row of embossing the pattern, I really, really messed up and there was nothing I could do to salvage the piece, sooooooo...... this post is to share a second project.  As I stated above, a bit of adjusting to do yet, (relearning the "feel" one must have for the different techniques) in this craft, but I'll get there!!

                                                              **Click to enlarge**

Well, I must admit, I feel wonderful posting a new piece of work for the first time in nearly 2 years.  I know things have changed in the parching world....some I like and some not so I will continue to 'step out of the box', as I'm known for anyway, and forge forward with much excitement.

Happy Parching...

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  1. BRAVO Vickie !
    Excellent travail ! Cette carte est splendide ! J'adore ...
    Bises et bonne journée .


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