Monday, November 12, 2018

A Little Bit of This and That.....

Hi all,

It has taken me a wee bit to get my "feel" back for parching!!!  Those of you who have lost your mojo for any length of time know exactly what I mean.  That certain way 'you' hold, and use, the parching tools....the order in which we all choose to create our work, and finish it off....the colors that work well with your own personal likes/dislikes, etc., etc., etc.

Well, I have been working with several of the techniques I am comfortable with, as well as the techniques I created (ie: Etched Glass) and I'm beginning to get the hang of things once again.  I honestly do not think we realize just how much we loose/forget in this art form if we step away from it for any length of time!!

Having said all that, I am attaching a few items I have completed recently and want to share and hope you enjoy your visit with me.


I have a few more things in the works, but for now please stop by and say hello.....and enjoy the view!!!!!  :)

Happy Parching,

Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Special Thanks....

Hi everyone,

First, I would like to send out a very special "THANKS" to everyone who has taken the time to welcome me back to the world of Parchment Craft.  I have a little bit of adjusting still to do, but it'll all come together very soon. :) 

I had my first project ready to complete and post but when I got to the very last row of embossing the pattern, I really, really messed up and there was nothing I could do to salvage the piece, sooooooo...... this post is to share a second project.  As I stated above, a bit of adjusting to do yet, (relearning the "feel" one must have for the different techniques) in this craft, but I'll get there!!

                                                              **Click to enlarge**

Well, I must admit, I feel wonderful posting a new piece of work for the first time in nearly 2 years.  I know things have changed in the parching world....some I like and some not so I will continue to 'step out of the box', as I'm known for anyway, and forge forward with much excitement.

Happy Parching...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I AM BACK!!!!!

Hi everyone,

Well, it's been a bit over TWO years since I have been staying on top of things in the parchment world, but I'm back!!!!!  I'm sure there are lots and lots of new parchers, out there, that have never heard of me, or seen my you will.....I hope. :)  I also hope to see lots of my old friends, followers, students and just visitors stop by too!!

So, let's get on with things, shall we.  The last time I was active here on my blog, I was in the middle of designing, and creating, a Zodiac Birth Sign Collection and a "life detour" happened.  Well, I've  completed the collection and I will share it with everyone now.  

I have not written instructions for these remaining 5 signs so only have a completed sample piece and the patterns, but they are available to purchase (for a very small fee) to help me with the cost of replacing supplies, so that I may continue parching, now that I AM BACK. :)  I will add them to the blog store as quickly as I can.  There is a slight "relearning" process going on, for me, just to try and remember how to do anything here on my own blog!!!

Anyway, here are the photos of the 5 remaining birth signs:

So, there you have the completion of my Zodiac Birth Sign Collection.  Bear in mind, the photo frames around the photos are FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY, to give everyone a visual of how the completed project might look when framed.  As I stated, above, I will place these signs in the blog store and notify everyone for those who have an interest in the pattern (to complete as you would like).  Just because there is a pattern does not mean it must be completed the way "I" have chosen,  so use your creative juices (as I always used to say) and create what you see "in" the pattern with the photo sample.

That's it for this time and please feel free to contact me (as always) should you have questions....or just want to say "hello' after all this time!!! 
Happy Parching....