Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An Old Challenge....

Hi Everyone!!!

I's been a very long time since I've managed to be here and share things with you as I used to.  I do have some good news and that is:  I'm now more able to get things back on track and over the past few days I've been doing some major "blog house cleaning" and I may have done too good a job!!!

An old (2011) challenge has re-appeared in the mailboxes of those members who receive updates via email, so if you are one of those members, and should you wish to take part in that particular OLD challenge, then please feel free to do so!!  There were a lot of participants when the original challenge was issued, but I'm always willing to reissue something that everyone seemed to like a lot. 

For those who might not have a clue what I'm referring to, CLICK HERE to go  to the original challenge, issued in June 2011.  Read the challenge the pattern.....and have FUN!!!  

Now, my challenges are NOT a competition.  They are solely for parchment crafters who enjoy challenging themselves in ways that one might not think of.  

While everyone is enjoying the challenge, I will continue my "blog house cleaning" task at hand and I'll be sharing some new things with all of you very soon!! :))  If anyone taking part in this "renewed" challenge would like to share their works when completed, simply let me know, in the comment box, and I'm always happy to share it in the Guest Gallery here!!

Happy Parching,


  1. Witaj Vickie, chciałabym wziąć udział w zabawie, ale nie wiem skąd mam wziąć wzór :D Pozdrawiam serdecznie Sylwia ( Suzeja )

    1. Hi Sylwia,

      If you read the post again, and click where it says "CLICK HERE" it will take you back to the original challenge post. When you are there, all the instructions and a sample of the challenge and the FREE PATTERN is also there for you to download and print. All you have to do then is: "right click on the pattern to save it to your computer"....also "right click on the sample photo" so that you can also save that to you computer for reference. I have provided the tools I used for the challenge, but I want everyone to use whatever tools they have and you make the challenge any way you choose!! Please let me know if you need more assistance....


    2. Dziękuję Vickie za pomoc, już sobie pobieram i spróbuję zmierzyć się z Twoim wzorem bo nie jest łatwy :D Pozdrawiam serdecznie i przesyłam całusy :D

    3. Hi Sylwia,

      I'm happy that you have found where to go to get the original challenge!! Yes, this project is very difficult, so I wish you good luck and most of all.....HAVE FUN!!!!!

      Please don't forget to share your completed challenge with us and I will add it to the Guest Gallery for all to see and enjoy!!


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