Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Man's Mandala

Well now, I've been trying to get back here and it has taken me a wee bit longer than I had expected.  :((  My right shoulder remains out of the rotator cuff and when I am creating parchment projects now, I have to do it with my right arm in a sling.  Not a fun thing to have to do but I've learned over the many, many past months, that I've been dealing with this, that it can be done.  Oh yes, did I mention I'm right handed!!!!  It now takes me a very long time, from beginning to end, to produce the beautiful works I share with everyone here, so please hang in there with me and I'll continue to bring you as many fun and exciting "out of the box" things to try, as I always have!!  So.....let's see what I've mustered up this time around.  :))

In reviewing my whole blog to see what everyone is the most interested in, the winner is always the same......MANDALAS!!!!  Personally, I love them too, but I also like a variety of things to create and challenge myself with!!  So, the next question I presented myself with was....what is the most difficult "people group" to create hand made items for, and again, the answer is always.....MALE!!

Now, with those two prerequisites in mind, I set about creating a parchment MAN'S MANDALA.  It may sound silly, but it was quite difficult to do!!!   It couldn't be too 'frilly' and the techniques used had to be rather bold.  

This piece is an 8"X8" Wall Decoration made from an A4 sheet of parchment.  The design is traced in black and then 'shadow' lines are added to give the project a more bold, masculine appearance.  The only embossing tools I used were:  Perga small and medium  sun tool/Perga stylus and size 1 and 3 embossing balls.

A Man's Mandala - Detailed View
Although it took me much longer, than ever before, to complete this project, (only because I have to have my arm in a sling when I parch!!) I think I accomplished my goal of making it work as a 'Man's Mandala'!!  Maybe I'm a bit biased in my overview, so tell me what you think!!!!  Do you think it meets the requirements of bold and masculine.....or do you think it's still to frilly??  Weigh in and share your thoughts. 

Happy Parching,

A Man's Mandala....continued:

A reader suggested that maybe a more 'masculine' color be used for the mounting card stock behind the mandala, sooooooooo, here are a couple other options!!

A Man's Mandala - Mounted on Gray and Framed

A Man's Mandala - Mounted on Brown and Framed

Just as it is with all projects, sometimes finding the 'right' mounting color and frame, for your project,  is more difficult than the project itself!!


  1. Oh my god, this is soooooooo gorgeous hun, and I´m totally stunned, that you´re still going strong with the shoulderproblems you have, but I also really admire you for it, and your work is as stunning as always sweet friend, and I just soooo love it.
    This one here is absolutely gorgeous and sooo perfect, that even my poor eyes can see it LOL.
    Have a wonderful week-end, I wount be here a little now,( see my blog for info) so take good care until we speak again.

    1. Maryann....Thanks so much, my friend, for the kind comment. Yes, I will continue to parch for as long as I can move that arm the tiniest bit!!!! It takes me a long time to get things done, but where there's a will, there's a way!! :))

  2. Hi Vickie, Another beautiful creation from you. I immediately noticed that you had shadow work. And the cutting you did Oh My!! if you can do this in a sling now what is my excuse...Well done my friend and once again you inspire me. The details are awesome!I would say it is a manly Mandala but i would probably not use the same color in the background..just my opinion..Would like to see if a different color would really bring out the shadowing you did...Have you thought of maybe gray?? Just wondered what it would look like. Hugs, Martha

  3. OMG! You are crazy, dear Vickie! How could you even think to do such fantastic work with your health problems?! I admire you, what a guts!
    The mandala is gorgeous and you deserve a prize!!!!

  4. Martha...Thanks ever so much for the very kind comment, my friend!! It's true, there has to be a sling on my arm when I parch now.....without it, I can't parch. :(( I am going to take your suggestion and mount the mandala on some shade of gray and we'll see what it looks like!! I did try it on a medium brown and it was too much dark but I'll keep trying 'other' masculine colors and will see if something might work better than the green. Thanks bunches for the suggestion!!

  5. Dorita...Thanks very much for your lovely comment and for your support and encouragement!! I'm not ready to stop doing what I love. It takes me much longer to complete a project now, but at least I can still manage one at a much slower pace. :))

  6. Impresja...Thanks very much for your kindness!!

  7. Another beautiful piece of artwork Vickie.
    I think either sex would be delighted to receive it. Just beautiful.
    Sorry to see you are still having problems parching, I hope it soon improves for you.
    Love Suexx

    1. Sue...Thanks, as always, for your kind comments. As long as I can find a way to "work around" the health issues, I will continue to parch!! :))

  8. That is sooo beautiful, I have just discovered parchment craft after getting a small kit in one of my craft mags, & I have really got the bug for it. What I hadn't realised was how many different techniques and tools there are about. I have been card making for a few years, but this has to be one of the few things I hadnt tried. I am amazed that you have been able to complete such a beautiful piece of work with your arm in a sling, thank you for sharing :-)

    1. Karen...Thanks very much for your kind comment. I always love to hear from those who are taking their first steps into the world of parchment craft!! The first piece of advise for you is: don't rush out and buy everything under the sun for this craft....well, unless you are quite wealthy and then it would be okay!! :-) Seriously, go slow....find lots of FREE patterns on the web (there are lots of links to them right here on the sidebars) and then purchase the tools, for those patterns, as you need (and can afford) them. There are also LOTS of tutorials on YouTube and if you are on FB, there are lots of 'parchment groups' with lots of folks that will help you every step of the way, if you are going to be 'self taught'. For classes, etc. there are none here in the US but they are easily found in the UK and other European countries, so there's plenty of help just have to know where to start looking!!! If I can be of help, at any time, please feel free to contact me through the email on my profile. Meanwhile, thanks also for stopping by and best wishes for your journey in the awesome world of parchment craft!!


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