Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Abstract Christmas Tree

Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!
Well now, my intentions have certainly been good, BUT, with my dominant shoulder still out of its rotator cuff, doing much with that arm has not really been an option I've had since early August!!  Unfortunately, surgery is not an option so until I can manipulate my right arm/shoulder back where it should be I've been making "life adjustments" to work around the issue :))
I don't like falling behind in my blog posting and I'm getting very close to doing just that, so I will do a bit of catching up today!!  This Christmas card is an 'additional' one that I had to make recently for someone I had overlooked on my list, so while I was deciding what I wanted to make I wandered back into my 'abstract' vector image collection and spent an afternoon putting images, grid border patterns, colors, etc., together and this is what happened when all was said and done.......
Abstract Christmas Tree
Considering this card is for a male friend, I felt the bulkiness of the tree and grid border were well suited, so I proceeded and I really like the way it turned out!!  
The tree design in my own creation, but the grid border is from Arie vd Linden and he has  several hundred grid border designs that he shares (for FREE) to anyone, around the world, who would like to have them!!  This particular border design is #26 on the link I've provided above.  Now, although I use a lot of his designs for my own creations (with his written permission) I have to alter them somewhat because his border designs are created for standard European greeting card sizes.  All of my cards are 5" X 7"....the standard size for American greeting cards.  **If you would like to learn how to resize his grid border designs to whatever size you prefer making your greeting cards, please click on the "Tutorials" tab at the top of this blog.**

Here's a little hint at what I hope to share with everyone sometime in January 2012!!!  I have been working on some things (some FREE...some not!!) to help those of you who would like to use my techniques, but don't have the photo editing programs they require!!  Sooooooo, stay tuned and after the holidays have come and gone....and I've had a wee bit of time to recoup.....we'll have a New Year to begin some "new things".  :))

Happy Parching,



  1. Hi vickie love your abstract tree and look forward to seeing what you have come up with over the hollidays. Merry christmas.
    Hugs Trish.

  2. Ohmy goodness sweet friend, this is jawdropping. Soooo beautiful work once again hun. I just LOVE your work.
    So good to hear from you again hun, hope, you´ll soon be feeling a lot better again. Please take very good care of yourself.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year too.

  3. Trish....thanks for your kind comment and I look forward to sharing some fun things in 2012!!

    Happy holidays to you and yours!!

  4. Maryann....Thanks so much, as always, for your never ending support and kindness, my friend!!

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your....and special holiday wishes to those awesome little crafters that are always amazing us with their creativity!! xxxx

  5. Hi Vickie: tank you for your lovely designs!
    I love your work very much!

  6. Dorita....Thanks very much for your kind comment. Sending you Best Wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!!

  7. I have just visited your blog I am shall come back there, am happy to find you as all passionate of lace paper there!! In very soon!!! Mady

  8. Welcome Mady!! I have just gone to visit your truly beautiful blog and I will also return and browse more thoroughly soon.

    Thank you very much for your kind comment and Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

  9. Hi Vickie Look after your self and have a happy christmas cu in the new year

  10. Sheila....thanks very much and Happy Holidays to you and yours as well :)) See you in 2012!!

  11. Hi Vickie,
    Lovely to see you back, your tree is lovely. I'm sure he will love it.
    Have a lovely break see you in the New Year.
    Love Sue.

  12. Sheila....Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays to you and yours!! I may post a couple more things before the year is over, so stay tuned.....just in case :))

  13. Jolanta...Thanks so much for your kind comment. Best wishes to you and yours for a very Happy Holiday season!!


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