Sunday, November 13, 2011

Parchment Craft Magazine - Christmas 2011 Special Edition

Oh gosh, I totally forgot to bring this post out of hibernation and into the real world....shame on me!!!!!  I have a design in the Parchment Craft Mag. Christmas 2011 Edition and here is the cover and the page my card is on :))  You will have to purchase the magazine in order to get the pattern though.....those are the rules!!

There is a large variety of Christmas designs to choose from in this special edition, so stop by the Parchment Craft Mag. link and pick up a copy!!  The regular monthly December issue is also available now too.  Here's the link:

Happy Parching,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011.....

Well now, we had so much fun with this post during last years holiday season (2010) that I'm sharing it again for all those who have become followers and readers in 2011.  If you were 'tempted' last year, but didn't quite dare to give it a try....well, here's a second chance!!!  Even if you do not use, or have, a photo editing program, like Adobe Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro 8 (and above), you can still do lots of beautiful things with the images in this post, so have a go and if you're so inclined when you have completed your project(s) please send a scan/photo back to me so I can share your work in the Guest Gallery :)) 

Not only am I going to share some Christmas trees that I use in my work BUT I am also going to throw in a small variety of other Christmas images I use!!  

Here's the way it works.  I will post the original image that I have already edited for you and next to it I will post the same image that has been edited again with a Paint Shop Pro MASK to soften the image edges.  I do this so the images I use blend smoothly into the grid borders on my work.  All everyone has to do whatever you want!!  How simple is that??
Anyway, getting back to the task at hand.  Here's a tip.  For those of you who are not familiar with (or do not like and don't want to learn)  photo editing, my suggestion is you only download the images (of your choice) with the smooth edges on the image.  **NOTE**  There are a few images that are only posted once.....those are ready for you to use as well :))  The only thing you will have to do is re-size it to suit your own preferences for your work.  There is nothing further you have to do to the's ready for your parchment craft project!!

Now, for those who are familiar with, and enjoy working with Paint Shop Pro....which is what I use in the majority of my suggestion is you download both images so that on the one with no mask you can then use any mask of your choosing from your own Paint Shop Pro program.  

If you need patterns for grid borders please visit Piet and Annie Jenssen and download whatever you like.....they are FREE!!!!  I use a lot of their patterns in my work, however, I have to redesign them a wee bit to accommodate our American standard size greeting card, but for other countries you most likely will not have to go through that process.  If you would like to learn how to make a grid border TEMPLATE to use in your work, please go to the TUTORIALS tab here on this blog.  I highly recommend you make this process a part of your parchment crafting if you do a lot of grid borders, as I do, on your work :))

Okay....enough rambling on from me.  Here are 21 different Christmas images for everyone to download!!!!!  Simply left click on an image to enlarge.  Then right click and then 'save as' to download the images.  I look forward to actually seeing any work you create from these images......just send them on to me and, with your permission of course, I will share them right here with everyone :))