Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Do It" Blog Challenge #6 - Hearts

Now, before I get into what I've been doing the past few days, let me share the link to this wonderful blog, from Poland, that's sole purpose is to arrange parchment craft challenges!!!  Zro'b To!- Do It!  Please go take a peek and see what they have been up to.  It's a great way to keep the juices flowing in the creative parts of the brain :))  They are on Challenge #6, which is HEARTS!!

I have just completed my project for the challenge and now I face another challenge!!!!  I've got to figure out how to link my project to their blog so everyone can see it....along with all the other beauties that have been submitted :))

My piece is a Wall Decoration and measures 7 X 10.5 inches and is suitable for a 9 X 11 inch photo frame.  It is my own design and the technique I have used is white work....and is called "Happiness"!!

Okay folks, I'm off to see if I can figure out what I'm to do to get my submission linked to the Do It! Blog :))
Happy Parching,


  1. It's really beautiful work, Vickie. Thank you very much for playing with us on our blog :)

  2. Joanna....thanks very much for your lovely comment. I truly enjoyed the challenge and I hope to have the time available in the future to play along with more challenges!! xxx


  3. Oh my goodness this is so gorgeous again Vickie. You really are the parching queen, that´s for sure. Your work is so amazing sweetie and I just love it. This is sooo amazing too.
    Hope you´re having a wonderful time hun and lots of fun.

  4. Bardzo wykwintne serduszko...piękna całość

  5. It's stunning :) Thanks for participate in our challenge :)

  6. tak tak praca jest piękna serduszko takie ulotne brawo

  7. Thanks to everyone for all the kind comments!! xx

  8. Hello Vickie,
    It's stunning!!!

    Aux Doigts Agiles

  9. Just beautiful Vicky.
    The blog is interesting and what a lovely challenge idea. The work is outstanding.
    More websites to explore!lol

    Take care,

  10. Beauitful, turly beautiful and a lovely name for your design.
    I dont think I could do the challenges I am not that good at parchment yet.

  11. Super Vickie.Piękna praca.Zapraszam do mojego bloga.Pozdrawiam ewa

  12. Quelle finesse et quelle délicatesse...
    Bravo Vickie.
    Le pergamano des p'tites curieuses

  13. Superb display of skills Vickie... you inspired me to polish my parchment skills again!

  14. Akshaya....Thanks very much for your kindness!! I'm very, very pleased I have shared a wee bit of inspiration to return to parchment craft :-) Happy parching!!!!!

  15. Did I miss it? Is it available to purchase? I would love to have this!!! Let me know!

  16. My Cookie Kitchen....I'm sorry but I cannot give an adequate reply to your comment. Your Blogger profile cannot be viewed so I don't even know what your interests are. Sooooooooo, did you miss WHAT? Is WHAT available for purchase? Please provide more specific information in your comment.

  17. Debbie,

    Thanks so much for your kind comment. Please stop by and visit any time!!

    Happy Parching....


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