Friday, September 23, 2011

Dancing On Water - Parchment Wall Decoration

"Life" took me on a detour the past few weeks with a death in the family and some medical issues that took me out of commission for awhile, but as always, I cannot let too much time get away from me without returning to my beloved parchment craft!!

This A4 wall decoration was just what I needed to work on :))  It was a very simple project with no techniques that were demanding but the project allowed me to sit at my parching table and complete something without stressing over it........NICE!!

Dancing On Water - Wall Decoration
You say.....what, Vickie stress over a parchment project???  lol   Sure!!!  I stress over lots of the projects I make.....especially when I'm in the "converting one craft into another totally different one" mode!! :))  I'm always 'stepping out' of the proverbial box and that truly keeps the creative juices flowing....with a fair amount of creative stress!!
Anyway, back to my two magnificent swans "Dancing On Water"!!  When you enlarge the image for better viewing, you will see there is absolutely nothing difficult in this project.  It is only four techniques:  tracing/embossing/perforating/cutting...that's it!! I have combined several elements, from several different places, and put them all together in one place.....and that equals....CHALLENGING and FUN!!!!!!  Give it a try sometime :))
Happy Parching,


  1. oh my god, this is so gorgeous Vickie. You´ve just overdone yourself again here hun. Sorry to hear about your health- and familyissues, but hope, things are much better now?
    Have a wonderful week-end sweetie and ook well after yourself okay.

  2. Love those swans, Vickie. How do you stick them into place - I cannot see any clue in the photo.

    Hope you are feeling much better and soon back to normal health.

  3. Beautiful, totally beautiful,
    I hope you are feeling better.

  4. Thanks very much to everyone xx Yes, I'm feeling a wee bit better...eventually life will return to normal :))

    @ MaggieC....There is no glue on the is hand sewn to the card stock with invisible sewing thread only in a few selected places. Because it is a wall decoration and will always be secure in a photo frame, it doesn't require but a few stitches to hold it in place in the frame.

  5. Wow and Wow Vickie. Firstly, I would like to pass on my condolences to you. This is my first ever post. I live in Australia and have found your site by accident, and it is amazing.....I do parchment work... and like you am self taught because I live in the teachers! You are an inspiration...thank you. Judy

  6. Judy....thanks ever so much for your kind words....and congrats on this being your very first blog comment!! I'm always very happy to know I've been an inspiration to a reader and I look forward to having you stop by again and again and again :))


  7. Hi Vicki,
    I'm sorry to hear your sad news, also that you have been unwell. I'm pleased you are starting to feel better.

    Your swans are gorgeous they are so elegant.
    Take care of yourself,

  8. SueJ....Thank you for your kind words xx Yes, it feels good to feel good again!! I think parching always makes me feel 'good' no matter how I really feel :))

  9. Hi Vickie. I love this wall hanging. Everything about it is beautiful.
    Thank you for your visit with me and your kind words. Great to receive encouragement from someone who is as talented as yourself.

  10. Carol...Thanks every so much for your very gracious comment!!

    I always try my best to get around to all the blogs I follow, as often as I can, but with all the "life" stuff going on the past few weeks I got a wee bit behind. Your blog is lovely and I always enjoy coming for a visit. xxx

  11. Comme toujours, un travail parfait. Magnifique réalisation toute en finesse. Bravo Vickie

  12. Monpoussin....thanks ever so much for your very kind comment!! xxx

  13. Vickie,very interesting is your work.

  14. Hi Eva,

    Thanks very much for your kind comment. I always find all of your work very interesting too!!


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