Sunday, August 14, 2011

Paisley Lace Butterfly Collection - #1 thru #5

I'm happy to say I have now completed Designs 1 thru 5 of my PAISLEY LACE BUTTERFLY COLLECTION (there will be more!!).  PATTERNS may  be purchased from the "Patterns For Purchase" tab at the top of this page!!!






As time permits, I will be adding to this collection and placing new patterns with the others in this series so be sure to watch for notifications which will be posted here on my blog!!

Happy Parching!!


  1. Oh my goodness Vickie, these are jawdropping. I LOOOOOOOOOVE them all, what a stunning job, you´ve done on these, you really are amazing sweet friend. I´m totally blown away with the beauty in these. WAUW.
    Keep them comming hun, it´s just medicin for my bad eyes here ha ha ha.

  2. Maryann....thanks so, so much for your kind comment!! I'll keep my work coming for your bad eyes to see, as long as this old body can still


  3. Vickie one są oszałamiająco piękne... czy to są Twoje projekty?

  4. Przesyłam serdecznie pozdrowienia i gratuluję tych pięknych motyli

  5. Ataboh.....Thanks very much for your very kind comment!! Yes, the butterflies are my own designs and patterns can be purchased on my web site. Click on the link in the post.

  6. Wow wow they are stunning, I am still learning and not very good at parchment but I am going to keep trying, these designs are fab, I love the black and white one, when I get a bit better I will be coming to buy the patterns.

  7. Margaret....thanks so much for your kind comment!! A few years ago I was "still learning" too and look at what happened to me!!!!! lol Parchment Craft is "practice, practice, practice" and it matters not how many years it is part of your will always be "practice, practice, practice"!!!!! :)) Keep at it, my friend, and don't get'll soon be seeing progress. Hugs....

  8. Wow they are beautiful butterfly's Vickie, I hope they do well for you.

  9. Sue....thanks for the kind words. Don't forget to get your FREE pattern from the previous post from this one!!


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