Monday, July 11, 2011

Parchment Craft - Gypsy Collection

Oh oh, it's been nearly a full month since my last post and it's surely way past time for a new one :))  I have finished the second (actually the third!!) of the Gypsy Collection and here it is.  Not quite as 'eye catching' as the first one, nevertheless, it has it's own merits and it is a very definite part of their culture :))

 The Shawl - Gypsy Collection

Now, I made another one quite awhile ago that is also a part of this collection and I'll share that one now, as well......I had forgotten about it when I wrote my last post....oops!!!

 A New Life - Gypsy Collection
So, we now have three lovely gypsy ladies, each representing something that's part of their daily lives and culture.  The next installment of this collection will come along sometime between all those other things I'm always challenging myself to do!!

Happy Parching,


  1. WAUW Once again you´ve managed to make a masterpirce dear friend. These are so amazing. You´ve just done such a stunning job here once more, that I almost loose my breath.
    Have a wonderful summer sweet friend and take good care of your self okay?
    Biiiiiiiiiiiig warm hugs

  2. Hi retriever,

    Thanks very much for your kind comment. I have just visited your blog and your dogs are absolutely beauties. It's always so refreshing to meet people who care so deeply for animals.

  3. Maryann....thanks so very much, my dear sweet friend xxx I've not been doing too well in the health department but I absolutely refuse to stop parching!!!!

    I hope you are doing well and I know you will be enjoying your summer with that wonderfully, awesome family of yours :))

  4. Your gypsy-ladies are amazing! The second one is my favourite, so ethereal and beautiful! You are very talented!

  5. Pelargonia....Thanks for your very kind comment. When I have the Gypsy Collection completed we will have to see which one is everyone's favorite!!

  6. Vickie, your talent always amazes what you do with all that you touch!! Keep well my friend. Hugs!!

  7. Martha....thanks so very much for your kindness xx

  8. Moją faworytką jest druga praca, chociaż pierwsza jest również bardzo ciekawa

  9. Ataboh....Thanks for the lovely comment. The second gypsy is also my favorite of the two but we must always put a bit of the bland life amongst the lively, exciting life!!!!

  10. They are lovely and so much detail in them, well done

  11. Margaret....Thanks so much for your kind comment.


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