Monday, May 2, 2011


I am calling this technique.....Perga-Zen©!!!!  This post will be quite brief because in the previous post I stated I was going to challenge myself to put "organized doodles" to parchment paper.....remember??  Well, I DID IT, and I quite like the results!!!

Task accomplished, however, this piece is only a sample.  I promised I would share the results, good/bad or indifferent, so here it is and now I'm asking for your feedback/opinions/honest thoughts....good/bad or indifferent :)) 


This particular design can be very neutral in many ways and I think that is a very, very good thing!!!  It can be used on the base card stock in either a verticle OR horizontal manner.  And, because all four directions of the design are completely different, it can be used in four different ways, which I think is totally AWESOME!!!!  That's a good thing....right??  It is gender neutral as well.  It can be for a female, or for those difficult to make cards for, MEN.  That's a good thing too....right??  Also, it adheres to the pure, traditional methods of parchment craft yet has a very 'different' feel to it which comes from the Zen.

Here are the other three views of the same design!!

See how very different all four of them look??  You get four different ways to use one design.....pretty cool, huh!!!!

I'll leave you to ponder your thoughts and let me know if you feel "organized doodling" is worthy of entering the realm of our beloved art called parchment craft......

Happy Parching,


  1. This is just another awesome creation sweetie. I just don´t think, you´re at all able to make anything, that isn´t just perfect? This is soooo beautiful, and I totally agree, it can be used in so many different ways and for any person possible, whether it´s a man or a girl or it´s a young one or an older person. It just doesn´t matter, as it fits sooo perfect for any kind, and I´m very certain any person will see it´s own picture in it. I think, it´s just marveless work hun and it looks soo gorgeous, as always. You ARE the master dear friend. that´s for sure.
    Have a wonderful week ahead hun and take good care of yourself okay?

  2. Thanks very much, Maryann, for the very kind comment AND for saying my work is "perfect" You have always been such a supportive friend and I love you for that xxx

    I'm happy you find this technique can easily be used in so many different ways :)) If anybody can doodle, on parchment, they can make these and that's a very exciting adventure. I only wish you were still parching and you could enjoy it as well, my dear friend.

    Big hugs.....

  3. I love it!! It's given me an idea... it's growing in my brain... hope I can put it down on paper.. lol .. Thanks for sharing your work with us all.. Have a great week or whatever is left of it!

  4. Vickie it is just perfect i love it

  5. Hi Rani,

    I'm so pleased my work has given you inspiration!! Come back and share your growing idea when it's finished....I'm always happy to post guest works in the Guest Gallery :))

  6. Sheila, thanks very much for your kind comment!! Maybe it really is time for something new, refreshing, modern and spiritual in the parching world :))

  7. Bonsoir Vickie,
    Encore une fois, c'est magnifique ce que tu as fait en pergamano!!!

    Aux Doigts Agiles

  8. Hi Vickie,
    Lovely to see and very different. As you say it could be OK for both gender and would I think reach a wide age range.
    I like the border and the Zen work but not together. Don't know what I would do different though!! LOL.

  9. Hi Sue,

    Thanks very much for the honest feedback...I appreciate it very much :))

    I tend to agree with your overview of the combination of Zen with that particular grid border!! I think figuring out what borders work well with the Zen technique will/would be a challenge for each parchers own taste but the fun with the Perga-Zen© is it's not cast in stone and eventually there will be borders found/made that will work very nicely with any Zen project one might want to create. I'm inclined to try some kind of Zen border, instead of a grid border, with the next sample I make so we'll see what's next on the drawing board!!! We are in the "trial and error" stage with this so stay tuned and we'll get something that works really well together :))

  10. Hi Vickie, I love the Perga-Zen look. As you say it can be used for both genders which is worthwhile in itself...whoo stepped out of the box once again..brave woman that you give us all great ideas now we need to just do it which is sometimes easier said than my friend.

  11. Martha, thanks very much for the kind comment, my friend xx

    Yes, I totally agree....there is never enough time to do all that we want/would like to do because I have that problem too :))

  12. Hi Vickie,
    It had crossed my mind about a Zen border, I am always doodling and you have certainly given me food for thought, I may even have a go at the weekend!
    New parchers may find this to be very useful as well, it is very exciting!!

  13. Hi again, Sue...

    COOL!! I'm so happy that you have lots of food for thought rumbling around in your mind and I do hope you will share your creations when they come to fruition!! I'm always happy to put them in the Guest Gallery :))
    I agree, this is definitely something new parchers would enjoy very much!!

  14. I love it very much too, Vickie. Very interesting idea :) Hugs

  15. Hi Joanna,

    Thanks so much for stopping by!! I'm pleased you like this technique and I hope you will give it a try someday when you are busy creating something "new"!! :))

  16. Bonjour Vickie
    Absolument génial.... Je n'imaginais pas que l'on puisse réaliser un création aussi sublime.
    C'est pour moi un régal pour les yeux.
    Je verrais bien ce tableau exposé dans une galerie!!!!!? entouré d'oeuvres de grands peintres, il aurait tout à fait sa place.
    Je t'embrasse

  17. Monpoussin...thank you so very, very much for such a glorious compliment!!! It surely would be very exciting to have my work exhibited in a gallery but I'm equally as happy sharing my creations right here with anyone, and everyone, who wants to stop by for a visit :)) Thank you again for your kind words.


  18. Bonjour Vickie , je trouve cet ouvrage très original et comme d'habitude réalisé avec finesse dans tous ces détails ! félicitations
    Bonne journée

  19. Marie....thanks for the very kind words!! I have just been to visit your blog and what a joy to see all your magnificent crocheted dolls that are all your very own designs!! Bravo!! Congratulations!!

  20. Very lovely creations you have Vickie, would love to see them on Craft World , I especially like your Perga-zen cards!

  21. Aleks...thanks very much for your kind comment.

    I have just gone to your web site and it's very nice. Thanks also for the invitation to join. I will visit your site again soon and spend a bit more time there to check everything out and at that time I will contact you with an answer to your invitation!!

    Kind regards,


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