Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Perga-Zen© A Mans Mandala

Here is a bit of doodling on parchment and when all was said and done I thought it was the perfect wall decoration for the men in our lives that are always so very, very difficult to create things for, made from parchment paper!!!  It is a large 8" X 10" wall decoration and as you can see, very BOLD in black and white.  It looks easy but there's an awfully lot of embossing and cutting in this piece....along with a ton of coloring with a .05 Black Micron pen :))  Because of it's basic, bold simplicity though I really felt it would be a true "eye catcher" for the guys.......what do you think????

A Mans Mandala - Wall Decoration

Happy Parching,


  1. This is stunning! Seriously, great decoration - it's so unique! And quite different from parchment things I know :)
    (Sorry for my bad english...)

  2. Pelargonia, thank you very much for your kind comment!! It's quite fun to try many different things in parchment craft and occasionally step away from all the traditional things one is accustomed to seeing in the craft.

    No need to apologize because your English is very good!!

  3. Vickie, I think this is most interesting and could certainly go for a man's card. Either way it is a beautiful piece that one would be proud to hang on the wall...way to go!!!!

  4. Martha...thanks very much for the kind comment. It's always fun to make parchment projects that are "off the beaten path", so to speak, and this project covered two areas we all have difficulty with in this craft...making something for the men and making something that isn't the traditional flower theme!!!!!

  5. Vickie that is just fab i love it

  6. Sheila.....thanks so much for your kind comment....and your wonderful enthusiasm!!!!

  7. Hi Vicki,
    Wow, that is wonderful, I'm sure anyone would appreciate it but men definably. It must have taken ages but a satisfying result I'm sure.

    I have done a small one just need to mount it then I will show you!

  8. Hi Sue,

    Thanks very much!! It's so difficult to create things for men but I believe doodles may just be the answer!!!

    Yippee!! I can't wait to see what you have made so send it on and we'll add it to the Guest Gallery :))

  9. Vickie this is so beautiful. So delicate and detailed. I am new to parchment craft and have been browsing your blog for inspiration and technical know how.
    Cheers from India
    Dr Sonia

  10. Hi Dr Sonia,

    Thanks so very much for your kind comment. It always inspires ME to know that I am inspiring others!!
    Come visit anytime and don't forget....there is a Guest Gallery here if you'd ever like to share your work. All levels of creativity, and progress, are always encouraged, and very welcome to share in the Guest Gallery.


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