Saturday, May 7, 2011

Make Sure You Are Signed In!!

Recently some readers, and a few folks just passing through, have advised me they have had difficulties leaving comments so I undertook some "undercover work" this past week and discovered the most likely culprit is YOU MUST BE SIGNED IN to whatever account you use when you leave comments!!! 

Actually, I have the very same issues from time to time when I'm visiting many of the awesome blogs I frequent often :))  I get so involved with something wonderful while I'm there that when I go to leave a nice, lengthy comment for the author, I do everything I'm supposed to do, to post the comment, but I often neglect to sign in, and because of that, my comment disappears.......and then I can never remember what exactly I wrote because I'm so upset over my comment disappearing!!!!!!  

Anyway.....make sure you are signed in prior to attempting to leave a comment :))  If you continue to have problems please let me know ASAP and I'll go searching again to find a solution.

Happy Parching...


  1. Hi Vickie, I'm one of those persons . . . LOL! I am signed in to Google Account. I leave my comment and then hit post comment. A little red bar appears, I click post comment again and the computer blinks and takes several seconds, then nothing, I click post comment again, the same thing happens. Finally by the fifth or sixth attempt it goes through. Unfortunately, it takes about five minutes to post a comment. I do it until the comment goes through, but so many give up and leave. I find this on every blog that has their set up like yours. My friend changed hers so that we can leave the comment only and it goes right through without having to do all the work. I'll send you a link to her blog so that you can see how she has hers set up. It stills blocks the spam and makes it user friendly for her subscribers.

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Jerri!! I hope your college son is safe from the flood waters....he's been in my thoughts.

    Thanks so very, very much for the feedback. I look forward to receiving the link you mention and I'll check it out!!!


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