Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Perga-Zen© A Mans Mandala

Here is a bit of doodling on parchment and when all was said and done I thought it was the perfect wall decoration for the men in our lives that are always so very, very difficult to create things for, made from parchment paper!!!  It is a large 8" X 10" wall decoration and as you can see, very BOLD in black and white.  It looks easy but there's an awfully lot of embossing and cutting in this piece....along with a ton of coloring with a .05 Black Micron pen :))  Because of it's basic, bold simplicity though I really felt it would be a true "eye catcher" for the guys.......what do you think????

A Mans Mandala - Wall Decoration

Happy Parching,

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Make Sure You Are Signed In!!

Recently some readers, and a few folks just passing through, have advised me they have had difficulties leaving comments so I undertook some "undercover work" this past week and discovered the most likely culprit is YOU MUST BE SIGNED IN to whatever account you use when you leave comments!!! 

Actually, I have the very same issues from time to time when I'm visiting many of the awesome blogs I frequent often :))  I get so involved with something wonderful while I'm there that when I go to leave a nice, lengthy comment for the author, I do everything I'm supposed to do, to post the comment, but I often neglect to sign in, and because of that, my comment disappears.......and then I can never remember what exactly I wrote because I'm so upset over my comment disappearing!!!!!!  

Anyway.....make sure you are signed in prior to attempting to leave a comment :))  If you continue to have problems please let me know ASAP and I'll go searching again to find a solution.

Happy Parching...

Monday, May 2, 2011


I am calling this technique.....Perga-Zen©!!!!  This post will be quite brief because in the previous post I stated I was going to challenge myself to put "organized doodles" to parchment paper.....remember??  Well, I DID IT, and I quite like the results!!!

Task accomplished, however, this piece is only a sample.  I promised I would share the results, good/bad or indifferent, so here it is and now I'm asking for your feedback/opinions/honest thoughts....good/bad or indifferent :)) 


This particular design can be very neutral in many ways and I think that is a very, very good thing!!!  It can be used on the base card stock in either a verticle OR horizontal manner.  And, because all four directions of the design are completely different, it can be used in four different ways, which I think is totally AWESOME!!!!  That's a good thing....right??  It is gender neutral as well.  It can be for a female, or for those difficult to make cards for, MEN.  That's a good thing too....right??  Also, it adheres to the pure, traditional methods of parchment craft yet has a very 'different' feel to it which comes from the Zen.

Here are the other three views of the same design!!

See how very different all four of them look??  You get four different ways to use one design.....pretty cool, huh!!!!

I'll leave you to ponder your thoughts and let me know if you feel "organized doodling" is worthy of entering the realm of our beloved art called parchment craft......

Happy Parching,