Friday, April 29, 2011

ZenDoodle Sampler - Zentangle Patterns

I'm sort of stepping away from parchment craft in this post to share something I discovered nearly a year ago.  It's called Zentangle and instead of me trying to explain exactly what it is, I will simply ask you to follow the link and learn first hand what an awesome technique this is. 

As I stated, it's been nearly a year since I stumbled upon this meditative art form and every time I would try to get back to it, "life" got in the way and my adventure got delayed time and time again.  As it happened, the recent outbreaks of disastrous tornadoes in the southeastern US (the worst in my states history) kept me away from the computer much more than usual because of seemingly endless tornado warnings, so during this "down" time, I found myself going through some things I had put in my to do folder and rediscovered where I had left off in my learning process of this creative form.  Long story short.....I began doodling again and I began, and finished, four days later, my very first ZenDoodle Sampler!!!!!  The images to follow will show the progress of each day.

Day One
Day Two
Day Three

Now, at the beginning of this post, I said I was sort of stepping away from parching to share this with you........well, not really!!!!!  I made this particular 'ZenDoodle Sampler' on standard weight card stock, at a full A4 size so I could get my mind back in a meditative mode (which is the true purpose of this art form) as well as to refresh my memory with regard to some of the patterns used in Zentangle.  I accomplished both of those tasks and you see the results :))  Another wonderful thing you should know about this art form is it's not just for very artistic people (anyone who can hold a pen or pencil can do it) and it's not just for doodling in a bunch of squares to create what you see here.  You can create anything your mind wanders to:  totally awesome mandalas and free form creations that are truly one of a kind designs.  You can find much more visual information on YouTube.....just do a search for Zentangle and then follow lots and lots of links from there.  Take a peek and see if it might be of interest :))

I believe by applying parchment techniques, primarily embossing, and maybe some perforating and cutting, ZenDoodling would take on a whole new dimension, sooooooo stay tuned because I'll be making another project shortly and good/bad or  indifferent, I will post my results upon completion!!  My project may be in the form of a free form ZenDoodle.....or maybe a ZenMandala....or maybe even another sampler.

My next personal challenge is..(drum roll, please!!)..convert this awesome craft to parchment!!!!!!!  I admit, I'm quite anxious to see what I can come up with, so wish me luck and if it works the way I feel it will, we will all have another 'new' way of adding some new life to our beloved parchment craft!!!!

Happy Parching...



  1. Good Morning Vickie, This is surely interesting. I like how you posted with the days to see the progression of the changes it can take. Will look forward to seeing the conversion..and thank you for sharing another option to bring to parchment.
    Hugs, Martha

  2. Hi Martha.....Thanks for your comment. Indeed, it is VERY interesting AND it's wonderful meditative therapy!! I only wish I had not put it in my "to learn" folder a year ago when I first came across the technique :)) The one thing I can tell everyone is....I'm absolutely NOT a freehand artist, so if I can do this (and not get totally stressed out while doing so!!) then anyone can do it!!!

  3. that is fabulous Vickie and sounds so soothing to do.

  4. Hi Shirley....thanks very much for stopping by. Yes, it is a very relaxing because there is no real rigid structure to simply relax and before you know it your mind moves to a meditative state and it's wonderful therapy!! Give it a try sometime :))

  5. This looks to be a lovely craft I first saw it when a crafter was doing it to fill stamped images, it looked like patchwork and was stunning.
    I thought then I must try it, and I'm thinking it again now!!
    We saw the devastation from the tornado on TV, it must have been a very scary time. I'm pleased to see you are safe.

  6. Thanks Sue for your kind comment and I do hope you will think real hard this time round and give it a try!!!!

    Yes, the tornado(s) were the worst ever witnessed here and an experience I'll never forget. Such a strange smell in the air and an eerie sense about the environment that made the hairs stand up. It'll take a very, very long time to bring what is left, back to life again.

  7. Vickie, I had written you a nice long comment. It disappeard when I tried to post it. What am I doing wrong? Several bloggers have this type of box. I have to hit the post comment key five times before I can get my comment to post. This time it totally disappared??? I select the Google Account since it's the only option available to me. How can I write a post and hit the post comment button just once for my post to appear?

    Anyway, just want to say that your drawing is awesome and I can't wait to see how you conform it to parchment! Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Jerri

  8. Hi Jerri,

    Oh my goodness, I've never had anyone tell me they had a problem posting a comment so I'm not sure what has happened. Has this happened when you have commented on other posts as well?? Using the Google Account option is correct but I'll take a peek at things on this end as well. Thanks for letting me know you had so much trouble posting.....I appreciate that.

    Secondly, thanks so much for your kind comment (that finally did post!!) on my ZenDoodle Sampler!! It was fun to make....very therapeudic (sp) and quite a challenge in itself, being my first one :)) Now we'll see if what I have in my minds eye actually works on parchment!!!!!!

  9. Hi Vickie,
    I too had problems posting when I replied to this entry. I wrote a longer version which disappeared
    when I tried to send it.
    Usually my problem is with the verification, how simple is it to copy some letters, nine out of ten times I get it wrong LOL.

  10. Hi Sue,

    Thanks very much for letting me know you also had issues with commenting on this post. I really hate having to use the verification block for comments but I had an awful experience recently with a spammer so I had to make things difficult for everyone in order to keep my blog clean...and safe for all the good folks who are here for the right reasons :(( I hope you have not/are not having any issues with posting comments on other posts, but if that is ever the case please let me know so I can find out what is causing it. Thanks bunches.

  11. I can imagine that this technique would transfer really well to parchment and be really spectacular. I look forward to seeing your results. I am off to have a go and see what happens.

  12. Hi Maggie,

    I'm so excited you are going to have a go at this!! I hope you will share your results with us :))

    Happy Parching,

  13. Well, blow me down with a feather! I have just been trawling some parchment product websites and thought what I really want to try is Zentangles on parchment - and here you are already working on it! This is just great and I look forward to following your progress. Well done and good luck!


    1. LynDi,

      Thanks for your very nice comment and thanks for stopping by!! It's been awhile since I've created more Zentangles on parchment, but I can tell you, it's a wonderful combination!!

      Good luck in your journey...


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