Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some "MAN" cards!!

It won't be long now and we will be totally engrossed in what to make for Father's Day!!  Where does the time go.....winter is finally over and here we are talking about June already.  In this post I'm simply going to share, with you, some of the parchment "MAN" cards I have made....oh, and I might just issue another challenge too, so read on to see what "might" be in store!!  It's actually quite difficult to make anything for MEN in parchment....after all, the craft tends to be extremely feminine, delicate, lacy, etc....just exactly what we ladies love!!!   

Now, as you can see, we have to be very careful NOT to make parchment MAN cards frilly!!!!  The bottom left card looks like it might be close to "frilly", but the image used on this card offsets the dangerously close to "frilly" look of the grid border!!  On three of these cards I have made the same grid border.....and I must admit, this is the grid border I use on the majority of my MAN cards/projects.  On the other two cards, the image also offsets the grid border.  So you see, parchment craft can indeed produce wonderful cards for the gentlemen in our lives.....they key is to keep them simple and to the frills!!!

Well now, here is the challenge I present to you with this post.  There is still plenty of time to make your card for the holiday, so, using parchment paper and whatever parchment technique you choose, make a MAN card.  It does not have to be for Father's Day (but can be!!) and it does not have to be for anyone particularly special.....simply make a MAN card and keep it as masculine as possible :))  When it is complete, please send it on to me and I will be very happy to add it to the "Guest Gallery" right here on my blog.  Please don't think your work may not be 'good enough' to share with others right most certainly IS, so put together this challenge.....send a photo/scan of your project and we will all enjoy and appreciate it together!!!!

Happy Parching,


  1. Well what can I say sweetie, you have just done it again hun. These male cards are sooooooo fabulous. Really stunning artwork every one of them. I must say I just love the little red car down the tight, it´s just sooo cute, and I´ve done it more times as digital stamp. But all your work is simply amazing hun and I so love them all.
    Have a wonderful week-end ahead sweetie pie.

  2. Thanks so much, Maryann xxx It's always a challenge to make parchment cards for the men so thought I'd help get the ladies inspired!! Thanks for stopping by, my friend!!

  3. Vickie these are great!! I will have to get busy and see if I can make a Man it!!!Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs, Martha

  4. Thanks Martha xxx You can do it and we need some new projects to add to the "Guest Gallery"!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you share with us :))

  5. Arrgghhh! Your blasted verfication ate my comment Vickie . . . LOL! Okay, here goes again. . . . LOL!

    These cards are simply amazing girl! I especially love the old clunker. That red truck is fabulous and the embossed grid work around it is over-the-top gorgeous and so perfect!

  6. Hi Jerri,

    Oh no!! I'm so sorry my verification ate your comment :(( I hate to even have to use the verifier but had a spell awhile ago with some sp****rs so had to stop being a nice person and put the verification process on.

    Thanks so very much for your kind comment. Everyone's favorite, at the moment, seems to be the old clunker too :))

  7. oh vicky your cards are beautiful. a lot of stuff going on here at the minute no time to craft will get back tho
    love sheila

  8. Hi Sheila,

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a very kind comment!! Hope you can get back to crafting soon :))


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