Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Few Bits and Pieces

Today I am going to step away from the thread lace conversions we have been focused on recently and share with you how sometimes I come across different things in my travels on the web, or in magazines or many, many other places and I always store those things away for future reference, or I print it out immediately and put it in my "snippet file"!!  

Here I will be combining an image from my snippet file with a grid border pattern I have used quite often in my work.  I have stated many, many times throughout my blog, that I ALWAYS make a vellum TEMPLATE for any grid border I ever make on a project.  I never, ever, ever make a grid border directly to the parchment paper project...NEVER!!!  I have a very large collection of border templates from which to choose from.....and I'm always adding to it as well.  The majority of the grid border designs I use are from Piet and Annie Janssen and they are always FREE.  They generously share their work with the whole world so please click on the link and go see  their beautiful grid work and if you like anything you come across and still need to know how to convert it to a size you might use for your own work....well, there is a tutorial right here in the "Tutorials" tab!!  Now, I always have to 'alter' the size of the pattern they have made because I do not make any of my work in centimeters.....I work in inches and that creates a significant difference in how I use their, it's absolutely necessary for me to adjust for the measureing system I use here in the USA.  This sometimes also means I have to make changes in the original grid design in order to make everything work for my purposes....and I have written permission directly from Piet and Annie and Arie v.d. Linden to do that, so I'm not infringing on any copyrights.....and I do not ever claim the grid borders as my own.

Swan and Cat Tails
Okay, this grid border is an Arie v.d. Linden design #27 and it's for the Pergamano Bold Diagonal grid.  As I stated above, it is not designed for a 5 X 7 inch (completed size) American greeting card, so  when I made the VELLUM TEMPLATE from the original pattern I had to alter it by adding to the height and width and yet still maintain the pattern design sequences.  I know, now I'm talking some heavy duty mathematical stuff (oh, and plenty of patience!!) but my tutorial will walk you through all that :))
Once your grid TEMPLATE is made, you then bring the "bits and pieces" you've been saving in your 'snippets' folder to your work area and proceed to attempt to put everything together in hopes it will turn out the way you envisioned it in your mind when you began the project!!!

This is the image I discovered in my snippets folder the other day and my mind immediately saw it combined with a grid border.  Ah yes, you say....but what kind of grid border....especially considering this is an oval image  and could just as easily be  enlarged and used all by itself for either a wall decoration or sized for whatever measurements you use for your greeting cards.  Well friends, I am well known for "stepping out of the box" and I chose to be true to my own character sooooooo, I chose a rectangular border and I gently tucked the oval image inside the rectangle!!!!!  I also chose to use only parts of the image in my project.  

I have always found it to a fun adventure (and sometimes quite challenging) to pull together things that one would think simply wouldn't work....and make them work!!!  Who would ever think an oval image would work very well in a rectangle border/frame??  Remember one thing though.....I only knew what I "thought" would work when I began this project.....there were absolutely no guarantees that it actually would!!!!

In closing for this time.....sometime when time permits.....give this adventure a try and see how much fun it really is :)  I know....I'm always challenging my readers to try  new parching experiences...and the best part of each challenge is that I've already TRIED it and worked the rough parts out for you.....all you have to do is "step out of the box" and try it too!!!

Happy Parching,



  1. Wish I had some of your inspiration! This is just lovely!

  2. Thanks very much, C!! When your life settles down a bit you'll have plenty of inspiration once again, my friend :))

  3. Oh my goodnes Vickie, this is sooo awesome, but I´m NOT surprised at all. I don´t think, there´ll be anything, you couldn´t make to work LOL.
    You´re a truely amazing woman hun, and I really admire your work. It´s just sooooo wonderful. Thank you so much for all your wonderful inspiration always and all the hard work, you always do to keep the rest of us interested too.
    Have a wonderful week ahead hun and take good care.

  4. piekny wzor, piekna praca, dziekuje.

  5. Hi Maryann,

    Oh goodness, my friend....thanks ever so much for the very kind comment!! It's always such a pleasure to have you stop by for a visit. I hope you are doing well since your surgery.

  6. Hi u Alojkia,

    Thank you very much for your kind comment. I'm pleased you enjoy my work and hope you will give the pattern a try some day!!

  7. Once again a great explanation on how you make things work...yes stepping out of the box you do and I love it. It inspires me to do more. Great piece...hugs,Martha

  8. Thanks for the kind words, Martha and I'm pleased to be an inspiration to you....and all who have the urge to "try" something different in the parching world :))

  9. A wonderful design Vickie, thank you so much for sharing with us! I haven't done much grid work, but I do appreciate the beauty in it and your designs are just over-the-top gorgeous!

  10. Hi Jerri,

    Thanks very much for your never ending kindness, my friend xxx

    I have so enjoyed watching all YOUR awesome paper crafting designs on your blog and IF I had all the paper/dies/stamps/etc. (as I used to many years ago!!) I would most definitely be making all the beautiful items you share time after time :)) I know I don't comment often when I visit you but I'm there to see what you've blessed us with every time I receive a notification there's something new!!!

    Big hugs my friend....

  11. Vickie, as usual you've produced a masterpiece! I too use border designs by Piet and Jannie (my fellow countrypersons. However, I think a lot of people don't think about adapting them for their own personal designs - until you showed us how.

  12. Hi Frances,

    Thanks very much for your kind comment xxx

    I think most parchers, outside the USA, never question the way a design/pattern instructs them to proceed because the metric system is in place in their country. Here in the USA we use the American standard system so we literally 'have' to adapt nearly everything in the parchment world to our own measuring system. It's a very time consuming process for us but a step we must take in order to use the majority of all the beautiful patterns in any of the world wide parchment craft publications.

  13. Hi Jutka,

    Thank you very much for your kind comment.


  14. Hi Vickie, I'm always excited when I see that you have posted. Thank you for a lovely blog. I do like the swan pattern another to add to the to do list lol.
    Love Suex

  15. Hi Sue,

    Oh gosh, I'm always very happy when folks get excited when I've shared a new Thanks for your kind comment and when you do make this project, don't forget to send a copy of it on for the Guest Gallery xxx


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