Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi everyone,

I'm sending best wishes to everyone for a truly wonderful Valentine's Day!!  

This card was made using my own technique called "Etched Glass".  It's been awhile since I've posted anything using the technique because I've been busy converting 'other' crafting techniques to parchment craft, but it was time for me to return to  my Parchment Craft Etched Glass Technique and make a few projects and get a bit ahead of the long list of spring holidays and those family/friend birthdays coming very soon!!

For more information on my book, please click on the link above and if you have questions please feel free to contact me.    My card is an American standard 5 X 7 inch finished size.  The image is photo edited using Paint Shop Pro (Adobe PhotoShop could also be used) and it is then printed directly to the parchment paper.  In the photo editing process, I have used a program element called a "mask" and that is the heart that appears over the image.  

There are several preparation steps that must be taken prior to beginning a ©Parchment Craft Etched Glass Technique project and on my tutorials page there is a lengthy post on making a grid template AND printing on parchment paper, so please pop on over to that page while you're here and see how a bit of this process is accomplished.  My book takes the process even further by providing a totally VISUAL, step-by-step class in the complete preparation process of making a project similar to my Valentine card to all of you.

Happy Parching....


  1. Very , very , beautiful card Vickie .

  2. Oh my goodness, this is so awesome again sweetie. I just sooooo LOVE LOVE LOVE your work, and this one is truely amazing dear. I just have to pick up my jaw from the keyboard here now, so I can type this LOL. You´re just the most talented parchment crafter, I´ve ever know sweetie pie. it´s sooo gorgeous.
    Love and big warm hugs Maryann

  3. Hello my dear sweet Maryann!!! Thanks so much for your very kind comment, my friend. It's always wonderful to see you have stopped by for a visit :))

  4. Lovely card and awesome border. Nice to see you back.

  5. Hi vickie
    this is beautiful. i was wondering what setting you have the printer on because i have trouble getting printer in to dry

  6. Hi Vickie, thank you for sharing your beautiful Valentine card. It is lovely.
    Your site is like a "box of chocolate" I can't wait to see what’s inside! and can’t wait to give it a try! My favorite ones are your bobbin lace conversations on parchment. I love, love lace! You inspire me to keep going. I thank you for that my friend.
    Wishing you a wonderful week and a pleasant day, Mary-ann xo

  7. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the nice comment, my friend xx

  8. Wowzers, girl, this one knocked me off my chair this morning! This beauty should come with a warning!!! It's absolutely stunning Vickie, your parchment work is so incredibly beautiful! I love opening up my mail when I see your feed in it! {{hugs}}

  9. Hi paperlace,

    Thanks very much for your kind comment!! Wonderful question about printers to use with my technique. Never, ever use a laser printer. The toner drum is way too hot for parchment paper so an INKJET printer is required for any kind of printing on parchment. Now, I cannot speak for any other make of printer outside what I have always owned....HP Inkjet printers are what I have always used and I have never had to deal with adjusting printer settings to print to parchment. Now, this is not to say that on other inkjet printers this may not be the case so whatever brand you have, I suggest you play with it and test the waters, so to speak!! Yes, it will cost you a few sheets of parchment paper, but it's the only way you will know what will work best for YOUR printer. You do not want your printing to be too heavy/thick on the parchment paper and at the same time you don't want it to be so light it's difficult to see while the project is in the works....and even more difficult to see when completed!! Feel free to contact me whenever you wish if my answers are confusing :))

  10. Hi Mary-Ann,

    Like a box of chocolates, huh :)) Never know what you're gonna get!!!!

    Thanks so very much for your kind comment, my friend. It's always nice to know what my readers enjoy about my blog and I thank you for letting me know you're stuck on the lace conversions. I have plenty more in the works and they will be coming soon.

    There will also be more mandala challenges ahead for those that have an interest in both mandalas AND challenges!!

  11. Good morning, Jerri!!!

    Glad to know I got your day off to a "jolting" Thanks so much for your kind comment, my friend.

  12. I just love your card Vicky!! It is really awesome!!
    Wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. Hi Rani....thanks very much for your kind comment!!

  14. Hello Vickie,
    Je reviens visiter tes magnifiques créations et je trouve cette carte superbe
    A bientôt
    Bonne journée
    Marie poupée

  15. Hi Marie,

    Thanks very much for stopping by and I'm very pleased you enjoyed the Valentine card!!

    Happy Parching,

  16. Awesome!!! Beautiful work!!! God bless!

  17. Hi Nyoka,

    Thanks so much for stopping in. Thanks so much for your kind comment, my friend xxx

  18. Очень красиво и аккуратно сделано))))

  19. Hello Elena,

    Thank you for your very kind comment. It's greatly appreciated. I'm very happy you stopped by to visit my blog and I look forward to seeing you again and again.

    Welcome aboard,


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