Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Explanation For My Readers...Changes and Updates

Hi everyone,

As most of the regular readers here have seen over the past several weeks, there have been some strange goings on behind the scenes that occasionally leaked through to the posts.  Unfortunately, due to an ongoing problem with a scraper site (a website populated with ads, which steals others content, so it 'appears' to be a legitimate site) I have updated several things in order to better protect myself.   For the record, MY blog is not associated with "buy parchment craft".....the scraper site mentioned in my previous post....nor do I ever wish to be associated with them.

Prior to the beginning of 2010 I had absolutely no clue about blogging.....REALLY!!!  I always thought they were simply for people to write about their daily ups and downs and quite frankly that wasn't reading material I felt was of interest  to me so I never actually even read a blog until a fellow crafter created her blog and my interest in doing the same blossomed instantly....BUT, I didn't know this lady on a personal level and didn't dare ask how everything was done so I delayed until I had finished putting my book Parchment Craft Etched Glass Technique together and discovered it wasn't so easy getting something published, and ended up doing that myself, that I met the fellow parchment crafter who would eventually introduce me to blogging!!!!!  That lady became a dear friend and has been there, for me, every step of the way in getting my blog up and running the way it should.  She knows who she is!!!

Now, to most, the previous paragraph may not seem to have any relevance to the topic of this post, however, it does indeed.  I have worked extremely hard over this past year to learn how to present a respectable blog (without violating or breaking any laws while doing so) about something I am passionate about....parchment craft/pergamano....and then to have a scraper web site move in (and clearly violate copyright infringement laws) and help themselves to MY hard work and claim it as their own for financial reward is/was totally beyond my comprehension.  I learned one thing very fast....even when you do everything the law requires to protect your own work, the scrapers are always there lurking.  I have given my heart and soul to my blog hoping to share the awesome craft of parchment, and to teach my own technique in the craft, with other like minded people around the world.  I had hoped teaching other handicapped parchment crafters (I had polio at a very young age) would bring them comfort in knowing there was a less demanding way to create beautiful parchment pieces for as long as their battered bodies would allow.  Then to have a scraper website come in and use MY intellectual property, and that of others as well, solely to appear to be a legitimate website for their own financial gain, is absolutely disgusting to me.  These people are now being rewarded financially, from my intellectual property, in clear violation of US Copyright laws.

To all parchment crafters around the world with websites and/or blogs....please continue to link to one another.  Reciprocating links are an integral part of becoming recognized in search engines, which in turn makes it easier for new parchers to find quality  information when they search, instead of the scraper sites which only prey on the legitimate sites.  When we put our designs and information on the web, we want other parchers to find US.......not them!!!

To the scraper sites:  This is public notice....if any of my posts and/or pages found within my blog, all of which are copyrighted, are used for your financial gain without my specific written permission, I will not hesitate to seek legal action.

To all my parching friends worldwide:  My sincere apologies for having to change/update and then explain what all this has been about.  I truly love my blog....I love sharing it with all those who read it regularly and those who stop by on their way to somewhere else and most importantly it has been an avenue for me to meet, and come to know, so many truly wonderful like minded people in the world of art, design and creativity!!  I have poured my heart and soul into my blog and I cannot, nor will I ever, sit by and allow MY intellectual property to be used by an illegitimate site!!


  1. We will overcome...we will overcome...we will overcome...

    Perhaps if I say it enough it will come true (well, with a lot of hard work and banging our heads against a brick wall!)

  2. Yes, we WILL overcome, C!! Thanks so much for the guidance, advise and especially for being my friend through all this mess :)

  3. A wonderful post Vickie! I hear ya, sista!!! These people are plagues in our society . . . no morals whatsoever!

  4. Thanks very much, Jerri. It's such a shame the wonderful creation of the internet has brought our world to this. I know these people have been around forever but the internet has literally brought them right into our homes to help themselves to whatever they choose. It's a double edged sword....the internet allows those of us who create, the pleasure of sharing our work with others, however, the internet also allows those who DO NOT create, the 'privilege' to steal it from others and claim it as their own for their personal gain. A very, very sad environment we live in with very little integrity!!!

  5. Popieram twoje działania!!! Piractwo internetowe to zło, które czai się wszędzie i trzeba z nim walczyć.Dziękuję

  6. Thank you very much, Ewarost, for your support. Yes, internet piracy is everywhere and it's so sad that the pirates have nothing better to do with their time.


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