Friday, August 27, 2010

ON SALE!! Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" Technique

Hi everyone,

Well, schools around the country are (or will be shortly) back in session once again and for most this means a bit more time to call your own!!  So, to celebrate, my E-book.....Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" Technique is currently ON SALE!!  The sale price is  a HUGE $10 OFF and is listed on the publishing site so making a purchase is only a couple of easy steps away.  Please stop by (just click the link above)....take a look and consider adding my book to your Parchment Craft collection.

Thanks so much,

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  1. Wow this is a great deal I hope those who have been waiting pick it up...worth the savings...I love the e-book

  2. Wow! I agree Martha. this is definitely a great deal!

  3. I have this e/book Ladies and it really is a good deal. It describes everything you need to know about Vickie's technique.
    Chris xx

  4. informative and a straight content. A work of a real professional. I'll be following your post for more interesting updates. thanks for sharing.
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  5. Van Adams....thanks very much for your very kind comment. I just went to your site and I love your 'real' etched glass!! Mine is accomplished on parchment paper (not the cooking parchment paper!!)and is a very ancient art form called Parchment Craft.....often also called Pergamano....and is not well known here in the US.

    Stop by any time.....


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