Monday, July 5, 2010

The Making of a Grid Border Template

The making of a grid template!!! This photo is to provide lots of support to those of you who may be having difficulty making your grid templates. The pattern I chose for my template is from Lady Manita Pattern Pack 16. It didn't need any adjusting for size, however, I certainly didn't want to have to do all the counting each time I wanted to use the pattern for my work, soooooooooo, a template was in order!! As you can see, my first attempt at even getting it put to a template (for future use) was a definite challenge. There are a LOT of errors on it and now it is ready to make a brand new template from, that is totally correct and ready to use whenever I want to make a project using this particular border. All I have to do is get it from my template collection....mount it on the appropriate grid and I'm ready to complete any project.....totally headache free.

So, the support I'm lending you ladies is that, although all of you might think I can make my grid templates totally error free the first time around, that simply is not the case!! I have to struggle with them just as you do (and always will) the first time I take on a new pattern. Please don't throw them in the bin/trash bucket just because there are too many errors on them. Continue on and then when it's complete, and if you wish to do so, make a new, error free, template from the one you just made with a cabillion errors on it and put the nice clean one in your collection to work from......then you can put the UGLY one in the bin/trash bucket and everyone will think you are a genious at making perfect templates the first time

Now I'm off to work this template up a second time (directly from the first template) with no errors and it'll be added to my collection of templates for future use ;))


  1. Hey Vickie, this is gorgeous! I don't have time to read your post, but am keeping it up on my computer until I return from Nashville so that I can read it then. I'm getting ready to start grid work soon and I know your article will help me tremendously. Big Hugs, Jerri

  2. Thanks bunches, Jerri. When you are ready to tackle grid templates, go to my tutorial page and it'll help you get started.

    Have a safe journey to Nashville!!


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