Saturday, June 26, 2010

Free Parchment Craft Patterns

Hi all,

I have now added a large variety of  FREE parchment craft patterns  I have designed over the years.  They are all simple designs....very suitable for the beginners in this beautiful craft.   Scroll to the bottom of the free pattern page for instructions to download/save to your computer.   ENJOY!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

More inspiration for "MAN" projects!!

Hi all,

As promised, here are more in the FOR MEN series I started last week.  The first piece is along the lighthearted side of things and although it reflects fishing, I think any man would get a kick out of it, even if he doesn't fish!!  The bottom line is, we ladies can always find something in a man's life that he can relate to.  The outdoorsy types will appreciate anything outdoorsy.....the sailors will love anything associated with the ocean and boating and just being near the deep waters, the handyman will relate to anything like building things, repairing things....even that hobby he may have had ages ago and completely forgotten about!!!  Well, I'm sure you get the drift.  Images always send a message....the difficult part is locating (and then creating) that image to relay 'your' message!!

As you can see, this piece is very suitable for any man, any age and for any reason/occasion.  The image is printed direct to parchment as explained in my book Parchment Craft Etched Glass Technique and then embossed on the back of the parchment to further highlight the areas you choose to do so.  Embossing is the only parchment craft technique I used on this particular image, however, every image you have in your collection will require different techniques to give it the highlights and 'texture' of traditional parchment craft.  The grid border is from Piet and Annie Janssen and is Arie #20.  I have modified the original border pattern (with their permission) to fit the standard American greeting card size of 5" X 7".  The process of making grid border TEMPLATES is also explained in my book and is also here on the blog under the 'tutorials' tab.
This second piece is for the men in the 'older' category and for those who love the sea.  It is made the same way as the piece above with the exception the border design is my own.

The grid border reflects the ships wheel and ocean waves and surrounds the old captain with things he is very familiar and comfortable with.  It is very suitable for any occasion....or even, a 'just because' for a grand father or an elderly mariner friend.
So you see, any little thing that brings a thought of that MALE, somewhere in your life, will be exceptionally special because he will know the gift was truly made 'just for him' and not just a card (or framed piece) that could easily be for 'any' male person!!

I will be adding more 'ideas' to this series of posts so be sure and stop by again soon and see what else I have up my sleeve :))

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Cowboy's Day

Hi everyone,

While I was doing other projects today that truly taxed this old brain I squeaked out some time to get started on a series of cards especially for the MEN!!  It is always extremely difficult to find/make anything appropriate for the male gender so I set about going through my collection of parchment images last weekend and I came up with a few to get things going.

This 5" X 7" greeting card is perfect for any man....for any occasion!!  Also, after the reason for giving it to him has passed, why not offer to have it framed (as shown) and he'll have it forever as a one of a kind, very unique keepsake?

The image is printed direct to parchment paper after the "Etched Glass" technique is applied.  The grid work border is then applied......Arie #80....and the final process is the embossing on the back side of the image to further highlight certain areas and to give it the 'texture' traditional parchment craft techniques provide.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding more pieces just for men!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Just Love You!

Hi all,

Oh gosh, it's good to be back at my parching table!!  I don't realize how much it's truly such a huge part of my life until I'm away from it for extended lengths of time.  

Yesterday I was going through my huge collection of images and came across this little beauty and I just 'had' to put it all together!!

What would be more wonderful than to give an elderly couple a hand crafted anniversary parchment craft card like this??   What an awesome, unique keepsake that is easily framed (as shown) to pass down to future generations!!

The image is printed direct to parchment and embossed on the back to give it further highlight, in specific areas, and 'texture' so it all blends smoothly into the grid border.  The card is a standard American size (5" X 7") and the grid border pattern is  Arie #11 from Piet and Annie Janssen and Arie v.d. Linden  It's made on the Pergamano Bold Diagonal grid.  They have graciously granted me permission to modify their patterns to standard American greeting card specifications and I'm always busy making modified grid border TEMPLATES to use on the majority of my parchment work.  

There is a tutorial on making grid border TEMPLATES  here on my blog....simply click on the "Tutorials"  tab at the top of this page.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nana's Rose

Hi all,

SURPRISE!!!!!  Yes indeed.....I have wandered away from my "Etched Glass" technique and made a totally traditional parchment piece :))  This is a large 8X10" piece and beautifully framed.  This is proof that I really do know how to do traditional  I used Fantasia Premium Pencils on the rose and as usual, the grid work I so enjoy doing.  Now, with most of my parching I use products I can afford and they are not always the 'proper' parching products but......they work pretty well, wouldn't you agree? 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Humming Bird and Apple Blossoms

Hi all,

Well now, my "Parchment Craft Etched Glass Technique" book is published and doing well :)) Now it's time to do some major catching up here and over at Papercrazy's Place.

I must admit it was very refreshing today to get back to my parching table and be creative!!  Today I finished up a project that had been waiting patiently for my return.  It is an "Etched Glass" piece of a tiny hummingbird (bottom right corner) sitting in an apple tree busting with blossoms.  Maybe it's a Mama hummer with a nest somewhere in the tree?

To begin this piece I chose the image from my very large (and ever growing) collection of copyright free/royalty free images and photos.  I then set about choosing one of my premade VELLUM grid templates (another rather large stash!!).  Once the template was chosen I measured the inside dimensions of the image area on the template and marked them down on on a piece of scrap paper for later.  My 'prep' work was now complete.

 Next I set  my image up in PSP8 (any photo editing program works just as well) to make my "Etched Glass" (this process is explained in detail in the book) on the image and then I print to the size I had written down earlier exactly where I wanted it to be on the parchment paper.  When printed I let it thoroughly dry while I set my grid border template up on the correct grid.  The majority of my border patterns are from  Piet and Annie Janssen and Arie v.d. Linden
and they have granted me permission to redesign their patterns to the standard measurements we here in the US make our greeting cards, so you may recognize some of the grid borders I use.....although they are slightly altered from the originals. 

When I have my border TEMPLATE set up on the proper grid, I then lay my parchment paper over the template and maneuver my printed image over the image area, on the template, and secure the template and the printed parchment to the grid.  I then begin the journey of making my border around the image printed on the parchment, directly from the template, beginning with all the perforating first.  When I've completed that step, I remove the parchment paper and the template from the grid.....set the template aside....flip the parchment paper over and realign it to the grid properly and secure it to the grid.  Now I'm ready to emboss but first I place my template (wrong side up) next to my work area and I use the template as my visual working pattern for all the embossing on my border.  The purpose of making grid templates is so you make all your mistakes ON the template and mark them as you go along.  You'll always make a perfect grid border on your parchment project this way.....and you won't end up with a pounding headache from trying to follow a printed pattern!!!

When the embossing is complete, remove the parchment from the grid and continue on with any embossing you need to make, on the back side of the printed image, to further highlight it and to also give the image the 'texture' of traditional parchment craft so it will blend right in with your grid work. When done correctly it's actually a bit difficult to determine if the image was printed or hand painted to the parchment. 

The last thing I always do is replace the parchment paper on the grid (face up) and secure it to the grid.  Then deep perforate in all the perforations made at the beginning of the project.   Remove the parchment paper from the grid and complete with any cutting the pattern requires, then finish in your preferred parchment craft method.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" Technique - Book is NOW AVAILABLE!!

Hi all,

It's finally finished and published!!!!!!!  My great adventure is now available as an Ebook ready for immediate download in PDF format so you can print it out and keep it right by your side while going through the learning curve.  I hope everyone will enjoy the journey.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.