Friday, December 31, 2010


This year is almost gone....let's lay the past to for today....move on to new beginnings...pray for a tomorrow and hope for a brighter future!!
My back yard Dec. 26, 2010!!  I live in the Southeastern US and 7.5" of snow here has only happened 3 other times since records have been kept :))

Love and hugs to all.....See you in 2011 xxxxx

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas to One and All...

Hi everyone,

Thanks, ever so much for reading my blog and following all the antics that sometimes appear here!!  It's been a rather difficult year in my little corner of the world, but thanks to my beloved parchment craft I have managed to attain a small bit of sanity through it all :))

After the holidays I will have some special things to share with everyone so stay tuned for the surprise!!!

I'm sending heartfelt holiday greetings to everyone.  May your Christmas be shared with all those you love and Best Wishes for all good things in the New Year 2011.

Big holiday hugs,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Parchment Craft Holidays!!!

Hi everybody,

Well, well, well I think it is time I get myself back in the swing of things but first I will share a very heartbreaking experience the month of November bestowed upon me, which is why I sort of went MIA for a short while.  I love animals and have had pets all my life and grew up on a dairy farm where there were always lots of 'critters' around.  My most recent furry pals were two indoor kitties (Ben - 16 and Jerry - 9) who were literally my constant companions since I had to take early retirement several years ago because of post-polio issues.  I'll not go into all the details but suffice to say I had to lay Ben to rest as he was suffering terribly from arthritis in his hind quarters.  That event was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do with any pet I've ever had and I am just now getting to a point where I can even speak over the loss of my best buddy for the past 16 years.  

Here are my "boyz" doing their usual thing by laying right in the middle of a Swedish Weaving project I had spread across my dining table!!  Ben = black.....Jerry = white.  Now it's just Jerry and me and we both have a huge hole in our hearts and miss our best pal, Ben, terribly :((

Well now, because of the events of November (there were two more crisis along with this one) I did not get much crafting/parching done so I thought I'd share some of the "other" crafting I do, aside from parching, in this post and when I get my wits about me a bit more, we'll get back to parchment craft and all the joy it brings.

 Iris Folding

 Rubber Stamping
 Teabag Folding
           Paper Embroidery            
3D Decoupage

There are a few samples of my paper crafting and now I'll share a few of my talents outside paper crafting and parchment craft!!!!

Four Harness Floor Weaving Loom

Handwoven Bookmarks

 Handwoven Table Runner and Placemats

Handwoven Handbag/Tote

And below, a wee bit of Swedish Weaving....also known as Vagonite in other countries.

All three of the Swedish Weaving designs above were made into large afghans and given as Christmas gifts in recent years.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few other crafts I still enjoy doing (there have been many, many, many others along my journey through life!!) and I will close this post with a heartfelt HAPPY HOLIDAYS to each and every one and a special THANK YOU for being a loyal reader/follower of my blog.  I've reached yet another small milestone while dealing with my "November Crisis" and there are now well over 30,000 hits to boast about!!!!  WHOOHOO :))

Warmest holiday wishes,
Vickie, Jerry and Ben (R.I.P. my furry friend)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Explanation For My Readers...Changes and Updates

Hi everyone,

As most of the regular readers here have seen over the past several weeks, there have been some strange goings on behind the scenes that occasionally leaked through to the posts.  Unfortunately, due to an ongoing problem with a scraper site (a website populated with ads, which steals others content, so it 'appears' to be a legitimate site) I have updated several things in order to better protect myself.   For the record, MY blog is not associated with "buy parchment craft".....the scraper site mentioned in my previous post....nor do I ever wish to be associated with them.

Prior to the beginning of 2010 I had absolutely no clue about blogging.....REALLY!!!  I always thought they were simply for people to write about their daily ups and downs and quite frankly that wasn't reading material I felt was of interest  to me so I never actually even read a blog until a fellow crafter created her blog and my interest in doing the same blossomed instantly....BUT, I didn't know this lady on a personal level and didn't dare ask how everything was done so I delayed until I had finished putting my book Parchment Craft Etched Glass Technique together and discovered it wasn't so easy getting something published, and ended up doing that myself, that I met the fellow parchment crafter who would eventually introduce me to blogging!!!!!  That lady became a dear friend and has been there, for me, every step of the way in getting my blog up and running the way it should.  She knows who she is!!!

Now, to most, the previous paragraph may not seem to have any relevance to the topic of this post, however, it does indeed.  I have worked extremely hard over this past year to learn how to present a respectable blog (without violating or breaking any laws while doing so) about something I am passionate about....parchment craft/pergamano....and then to have a scraper web site move in (and clearly violate copyright infringement laws) and help themselves to MY hard work and claim it as their own for financial reward is/was totally beyond my comprehension.  I learned one thing very fast....even when you do everything the law requires to protect your own work, the scrapers are always there lurking.  I have given my heart and soul to my blog hoping to share the awesome craft of parchment, and to teach my own technique in the craft, with other like minded people around the world.  I had hoped teaching other handicapped parchment crafters (I had polio at a very young age) would bring them comfort in knowing there was a less demanding way to create beautiful parchment pieces for as long as their battered bodies would allow.  Then to have a scraper website come in and use MY intellectual property, and that of others as well, solely to appear to be a legitimate website for their own financial gain, is absolutely disgusting to me.  These people are now being rewarded financially, from my intellectual property, in clear violation of US Copyright laws.

To all parchment crafters around the world with websites and/or blogs....please continue to link to one another.  Reciprocating links are an integral part of becoming recognized in search engines, which in turn makes it easier for new parchers to find quality  information when they search, instead of the scraper sites which only prey on the legitimate sites.  When we put our designs and information on the web, we want other parchers to find US.......not them!!!

To the scraper sites:  This is public notice....if any of my posts and/or pages found within my blog, all of which are copyrighted, are used for your financial gain without my specific written permission, I will not hesitate to seek legal action.

To all my parching friends worldwide:  My sincere apologies for having to change/update and then explain what all this has been about.  I truly love my blog....I love sharing it with all those who read it regularly and those who stop by on their way to somewhere else and most importantly it has been an avenue for me to meet, and come to know, so many truly wonderful like minded people in the world of art, design and creativity!!  I have poured my heart and soul into my blog and I cannot, nor will I ever, sit by and allow MY intellectual property to be used by an illegitimate site!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holidays Are Just Around The Corner!!!

IF YOU ARE VIEWING THIS PAGE FROM:  PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT IT WAS STOLEN FROM MY SITE ..... ALL THINGS PARCHMENT CRAFT (  (I'm providing the url in this post because I want my readers to go to that site and recognize it.  Then you will  know what it's up to if you come across it again!) buy-parchment-craft is a scraper site, the owner’s identity is hidden through subterfuge. BY STEALING THIS PAGE FROM MY SITE THEY ARE VIOLATING U.S. COPYRIGHT LAWS. THEY HAVE STOLEN MY PICTURES, TEXT, CONTENT, DESIGNS, ETC. TO GENERATE INCOME TO THEM THROUGH ADVERTISING SALES. THEY ARE STEALING MY BANDWIDTH, AND DIRECTING TRAFFIC AWAY FROM MY SITE THROUGH SEARCH ENGINES.   


Hi everyone,

It's been a crazy past few weeks around here so thought I'd better slow down long enough to send out a gentle reminder!!  Everything over at Papercrazys Place is marked down to unbelievable prices especially for the holiday season.  Come on by and take advantage of all the wonderful bargains.

Happy Holidays,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

HUGE SAVINGS @ Papercrazys Place!!

Hi everyone,

I'm a couple days early on the scheduled beginning of huge price reductions over at my web site Papercrazys Place but with the rest of the world moving the holiday season into high gear already, I thought I might as well go ahead and unleash the dramatically lowered pricing on everything on the site now......instead of November 1st as promised!!

So, come on over and browse might just find that hand crafted, "something" special....for that "someone" special on your Christmas list!!

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Hugs to all,


Friday, October 22, 2010

A small milestone....some interesting info....some photos!!!

Hi everyone,

Well let's see.....first I have reached another small milestone here on my blog and I want to share it with all of you AND I thank each and every one for helping me achieve it!!  I am now over 20,000 blog hits BUT it's been difficult to gather them up recently because a rather unsavory web site has been helping themselves to content from right here on my blog and when they do that they are also stealing the counts for the visitors who come here.  I've filed all the appropriate legal copyright infringement documents and now it's a matter of hurry up and wait to see what will happen to the 'unsavory' site that steals the work of others.

A dear, fellow blogger is also going through the same unfortunate experience and recently posted an article, on her blog, titled "Copyright and Parching" which is  a very informative and an  excellent read, so please go on over and become informed on this very controversial issue.  

While doing a bit of computer 'housecleaning' today I got a bit carried away and felt it was time to change the background here on the blog too, so although the change isn't all that drastic, it is a bit different in that it reflects the season we are now coming into and the cold months the part of the world I live in, that is!!!  

And finally, for this time, I'm sharing a variety of photos of some of my recent work and I hope you enjoy.  

 These two projects are actually bobbin lace patterns that I've converted to parchment craft.  It's quite fun to challenge yourself occasionally and see what other crafts will adapt to parchment craft/pergamano.  

If anyone would like to give this a try just do a search for 'bobbin lace' and you will find a lot of beautiful, and interesting, sites that will inspire you to the challenge!!  

Here I have made one of the kimonos in Kannikar Sukseree's newest pattern pack and I have mounted it in two completely different ways.  We often mount and frame our work in a way that 'we' like it to be in, however, if you play around with your work and lay it on backing papers and surround it with different frames you can see first hand how totally different the same piece of work will look in another environment!! 

Now, this kimono has the same foundation as the two above, however, this one is made using MY technique of printing on parchment!!  Converting a pure parchment project into one of my own techniques is always a challenge but when I see something that presents itself as the perfect environment for printing on parchment I just 'have' to give it a  BTW, my kimonos are a full sheet of parchment paper, in size.

It was time for me to add some new items to my stash of parchment for men and here are the two new cards I have added to that collection!!  You will notice the grid border on the majority of my "men" cards is the's very difficult to make parchment cards for men without them appearing to be a wee bit on the feminine side so my options for grid borders are most often extremely limited.  To date though, every parchment card I have made to fulfill a special commission has been appreciated very much by the male recipient :)) 

I would like to remind everyone that my book is currently at a 25%  discount and is the perfect Christmas gift for the parchers who already have everything else!!.....or, for the parchers who love the challenge of learning some new techniques.  Just click on the previous post and you'll be taken directly to the purchase page.....and thanks!

One more note.....Please come by my web site and take advantage of some very special discounts that will be in effect the whole month of November!!  The price changes have been made but will not appear until November 1st thru November 31, 2010 so come on by and make a list of what you might like to purchase when the holiday sale begins :))

Hugs to all,

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi all,

Here it is!!  For all of you who have been waiting for a wee bit of early holiday savings, my book "Parchment Craft Etched Glass Technique" is featuring a huge 25% off!!  If there's a special parchment crafter on your Christmas list, now is the time to make a purchase and hide it away til the holidays!!

My book is a step by step "classroom" in a book with lots and lots of visuals.  It teaches you how to make your own grid border TEMPLATES from heavy weight VELLUM (not parchment paper)...then it takes you through the process of learning how to print direct to parchment paper and how to place your image exactly where you want it to print...and finally it teaches you how to make "Etched Glass" on parchment to complete your new project.  This EBook is in PDF format and is ready for immediate download when purchased.  Simply save the book to your local hard drive, or an external drive, and you are ready to begin your classes.  You can easily print the book out, if you so choose, and put the printed pages in clear page protectors....then place them in a 1 inch, 3 ring binder for easy reference while you are making your Parchment Craft Etched Glass projects.

Hugs to all,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" Technique

Hi everyone,

I've not been well for the past several weeks and have truly not had the physical or mental determination to create another  "Etched Glass" tutorial as promised, however, I will provide you with the things that are required for this technique.

First, you must learn how to make grid  border templates and you can find that lesson here.

Secondly, a photo editing program such as Paint Shop Pro OR Adobe PhotoShop is required.  I use Paint Shop Pro 8, however, any version thereafter is exactly the same program with lots more bells and whistles, but the foundation program is the same.  Personally, I have never used Adobe PhotoShop but I am told by those who do use it that it's very similar to Paint Shop Pro (PSP).

Thirdly, you must also learn how to print direct to parchment and the lessons for that process can be found here.  These three distinct steps create an "Etched Glass" cannot leave any of the three step out and expect  good results!! 

If you prefer to use the previous tutorials I have provided for the first two steps in the "Etched Glass" process that is fine..... those tutorials can be found right here (Making A Grid Template and Printing On Parchment) by clicking on the 'tutorials' tab, however, to get to the final step of the process....the book is required!!  Included in the book are many links to FREE Paint Shop Pro program accessories that make creating Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" so much fun. 

Here are a few photos of some of the unique things you can create using this  wonderful technique....

Please consider purchasing Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" Technique and you will have a step by step class, with lots of visuals, to guide you not only through the first two steps of this technique but the all important third step which is the actual "Etched Glass" step by step lesson!!

For those who have purchased my book and would like a wee bit of lesson assistance, or for anyone with other inquiries, please feel free to contact me at:  

Hugs to all,


Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Mini Tutorial - Grid Borders

Hi everyone,

I have fallen a bit behind on my blog posting and I apologize to all my readers....and to those who stop by to see what's new, on their way to somewhere else!!  I've been recovering from some health issues caused by some serious flooding where I live that occurred in mid August and for the past couple of days our area has been bracing for the effects of tropical storm Nicole and that passed through last night and left the area in a mess again!!

Now, throughout these past several weeks I've been working on a condenced update of the "etched glass" part of my book and will be uploading that as soon as I can finish putting it together, but meantime, here is a mini tutorial I made quite awhile ago on how to properly place your VELLUM GRID TEMPLATE around your image printed directly to parchment paper.  **Please click on the "tutorials" tab for a refresher tut on printing on parchment and making grid border templates to work from.**

Now, there is one thing I believe (and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!!!) is being overlooked when working with any of the steps in my Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" Technique.....and that is this:  you absolutely MUST emboss on the back side of your printed image!!  Find the areas on the image you want to further highlight and give texture to.  That is what you would be doing if you were making a totally 'traditional/pure' parchment project.  The ONLY thing different we are doing with my technique is printing the image on a sheet of parchment paper!!!!  Please pretend the image was created by your own preferred 'pure' parchment technique and you will then always know you MUST emboss on the back to make things look just as they do when working on a 'pure' parchment project.  It is NOT acceptable to simply print out the image...then make a grid border around it and call it an "etched glass" project that has been completed properly. 

Okay peeps, this is my 'lecture' for today and I promise I will continue to work on the tutorial I've been promising for awhile now, as I know there are some who are waiting VERY patiently for it :))

Hugs to all,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Parchment Craft - Bobbin Lace Conversion

Hello everyone,

It's been a short while since I've posted....and I think everyone has had their fill of Christmas in July so I'm ready to move along.  Anyone wishing to send a project created with any of the Christmas images can still do so and I will add your work to the collection for readers to enjoy.

It's been several months since I made my first attempt at converting lace to parchment paper. 
You can see a few of my Vintage Borders on my web site.  Although converting a crocheted lace pattern to something workable on parchment paper is a bit intimidating I was determined to figure out how to make it work!!  Well, only three of all the border designs I made were good enough to upload to the web site, but the lessons learned would come in handy in the future!!

After seeing some drop dead gorgeous lace conversions  to parchment recently by Bruno Piechota I had to give this another try...but on a bit larger scale!!  I had seen some bobbin lace works a long time ago and I set out to relocate those sites once again. Click here to go to one of the sites and you will see the magnificent bobbin lace that will absolutely inspire you to try converting this ancient art form to parchment craft!!!  On the sidebar of the site are lots of links to members sites (all within this bobbin lace association) and see works by many, many others....some of which  have a pattern for bobbin lace that has the possibility to convert to parchment craft.

These are the two pieces I challenged myself to convert recently. They are both suitable for framing to an 8X10 inch photo frame (as shown) and make a very nice beginning to a collection of bobbin lace ladies converted to parchment craft!!  Of course, this technique is not limited to silhouettes of vintage ladies but they are what I chose to tackle first!!

Okay folks, here is a very basic bobbin lace pattern, along with a sample image, that I hope will inspire you enough to challenge yourselves to give this a try.  If you keep things simple the first time around then you shouldn't be tempted to not try at all because of difficulty.  Anyone wishing to challenge themselves to give this a try can send your works on to me ( and I am happy to share with my readers!!  HINT:  Choose another deep color, other than black, to mount your work on, and see how different your work will look. 

Converting bobbin lace to parchment consists of lots of embossing and lots of other words, what we already know as parchment white work!!  We're simply using patterns for another craft....bobbin lace. 

Best wishes with this new challenge and don't forget to share what you have made with those who read this blog, but might need a wee bit of inspiration, from others  who are also trying this for the first time :))  Oh and HAVE FUN along the way!!!!

Hugs to all,


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Skype for Windows Gets Ten-Way Video Calling

Hi everyone,

Oh my goodness!!!  I was interrupted while writing this post earlier today and when I returned to my desk I thought I had finished so I hit the 'publish' button!!  OOPS...I wasn't done and I have just realized I needed to finish what I started

The reason this news release excited me so much is because I have used Skype to teach my own Parchment Craft Etched Glass Technique and it worked very well.  When I taught though, Skype was set up for one on one video calling and that prompted me to wonder why there didn't seem to be anybody out there that offered conference video calling that would allow more than one person at a time.  I wanted  the option to teach more than one person at a time online parchment classes via video calling!!  Well, after some research, there are indeed places that conference video calling is available....for a healthy fee!!!  Anyway, long story short here, and getting back to the topic at hand....Skype released some news today and the article follows below.  

Do you think this would be a nice way to have parchment classes?  Considering all the things that could make it quite difficult (like language/time differences/internet availability, etc.) do you think it might work best within ones own country?  Please share your thoughts, and/or concerns, as I'd love to hear what others think of this great opportunity. 

Skype released an update to Skype for Windows, which allows you to make group video calls with up to ten people. This is in beta.
There is also a new design. Skype's Peter Parkes writes, "You'll notice that the new-look Skype is sleeker, neater and crisper than before, and we're proud of the work our interface designers have done to refine and mature the interface for this version. We've also added Skype Home, where you can follow your contacts' mood messages, set your profile picture and mood message, receive account notifications and learn more about using Skype."
Other improvements include:
- Skype Home experience
- Offline instant messaging
- New contact search and add experience
- Enhanced call experience under problematic conditions
- Post call experience

Skype Video Calling with up to ten people

This version of Skype can be downloaded here. Remember, everyone participating in the video call has to be using this version.

Friday, August 27, 2010

ON SALE!! Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" Technique

Hi everyone,

Well, schools around the country are (or will be shortly) back in session once again and for most this means a bit more time to call your own!!  So, to celebrate, my E-book.....Parchment Craft "Etched Glass" Technique is currently ON SALE!!  The sale price is  a HUGE $10 OFF and is listed on the publishing site so making a purchase is only a couple of easy steps away.  Please stop by (just click the link above)....take a look and consider adding my book to your Parchment Craft collection.

Thanks so much,

P.S.  If you would like to share an individual post (and not the whole blog) I have added "share" buttons to each post!!  If you prefer to share the complete blog, you can still do that from the "share" buttons on the sidebar.  Thanks :))

Monday, August 23, 2010

Christmas Image Projects From Readers...

Hi everyone,

Pay attention everyone because I want to share all the Christmas image projects  FROM YOU, that will be sent to me as requested in the previous post!!   When you email your photo to me, please be sure to give me your permission to share your project right here with everyone.  Now, as I receive photos in my email I will then add them to this post, so keep an eye here to see what others have made :))  

I am sooooooo excited so let's begin!!  ENJOY.....

Handcrafted By:  Chiara Petro

Handcrafted By:  Raymonde Bernadin


Handcrafted By:  Martha Levesque

Handcrafted By:  Ruth (Sabriel)

Friday, August 20, 2010

CHRISTMAS TREES, and..............

Hellooooooo everyone!!

Here I am and I'm keeping my promise :))  Not only am I going to share some Christmas trees that I use in my work BUT I am also going to throw in a small variety of other Christmas images I use!!  

Here's the way it works.  I will post the original image that I have already edited for you and next to it I will post the same image that has been edited again with a Paint Shop Pro MASK to soften the image edges.  I do this so the images I use blend smoothly into the grid borders on my work.  All everyone has to do whatever you want!!  How simple is that??
Anyway, getting back to the task at hand.  Here's a tip.  For those of you who are not familiar with (or do not like and don't want to learn)  photo editing, my suggestion is you only download the images (of your choice) with the smooth edges on the image.  **NOTE**  There are a few images that are only posted once.....those are ready for you to use as well :))  The only thing you will have to do is re-size it to suit your own preferences for your work.  There is nothing further you have to do to the's ready for your parchment craft project!!

Now, for those who are familiar with, and enjoy working with Paint Shop Pro....which is what I use in the majority of my suggestion is you download both images so that on the one with no mask you can then use any mask of your choosing from your own Paint Shop Pro program.  

If you need patterns for grid borders please visit Piet and Annie Jenssen and download whatever you like.....they are FREE!!!!  I use a lot of their patterns in my work, however, I have to redesign them a wee bit to accommodate our American standard size greeting card, but for other countries you most likely will not have to go through that process.  If you would like to learn how to make a grid border TEMPLATE to use in your work, please go to the TUTORIALS tab here on this blog.  I highly recommend you make this process a part of your parchment crafting if you do a lot of grid borders, as I do, on your work :))

Okay....enough rambling on from me.  Here are 21 different Christmas images for everyone to download!!!!!  Simply left click on an image to enlarge.  Then right click and then 'save as' to download the images.  I look forward to actually seeing any work you create from these images......just send them on to me and, with your permission of course, I will share them right here with everyone :))